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What Is Post Card
What Is Post Card

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The post card helps diagnose the computer before the operating system is turned on. The received codes are displayed on the card itself and on the display

Post card
Post card

Not always computer breakdowns can be seen on the monitor. In this case, a special diagnostic tool is used - a post-card. It is a small board equipped with a two-line display. Sometimes it is supplemented with USB connectors, LEDs and other elements. It is indispensable for all those involved in computer repair. Therefore, it is often acquired by:

• service centres;

• workshops;

• large companies.

Post card benefits

1. It is so easy to operate that almost any person involved in electronics can handle it.

2. To use it, there is no need to connect additional devices, including monitors.

3. With the help of this board, it becomes possible to conduct research even when sound, visual diagnostics become unavailable.

4. It can be installed in any available PCI slot.

5. All information is generated in a user-friendly way.

How does post card work?

When the computer's power supply is turned on, a self-test takes place before the operating system itself starts loading. The same operation occurs if you press the RESET button. The card starts checking all the basic functions of the computer before loading the operating system. The post code is generated first. If a malfunction is detected, then the code allows you to accurately determine which of the tests failed. For this reason, diagnostic accuracy is directly related to how accurate the tests for the procedure are.

Card use procedure

If the computer breaks down, then first you need to:

• turn off the power supply;

• install the card into a free slot;

• turn on the power supply;

• if necessary, adjust the contrast or measure the type of display;

• information is read on the card indicator;

• the received data is analyzed, which can be displayed on the computer screen.

When choosing a card, you should pay attention that they can be subdivided into serial and non-serial. In the latter case, we are talking about kits intended for self-assembly.

Thus, the post-card is convenient to use in cases where the computer does not display information on the monitor, but the sounds are produced the same as when turned on. To decrypt the received codes, you need to study the instructions. It usually contains the necessary information for different types of BIOS.

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