How To Laminate Documents

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How To Laminate Documents
How To Laminate Documents
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To keep your documents in good condition for years to come, you can laminate them. This is the process of gluing flat material together with a specially made transparent film for this purpose. You can laminate letters, identity cards, photographs, certificates, etc. This is a good way to protect them from dirt, dust, sun, moisture.

How to laminate documents
How to laminate documents


Step 1

First, you need to figure out whether a specific document can be laminated or not. There is no direct prohibition in the legislation on the impossibility of accepting such documents. However, not every notary or civil servant will accept a laminated document. After all, the law obliges you to work with the original document, and it is impossible to establish their authenticity under the laminate. It is also impossible to put stamps and marks on such documents. Be prepared to be asked to make a duplicate. Only not laminated anymore.

Step 2

Decide which laminator you want to purchase. There are 2 types of laminators: batch and roll. Rolls are rolled up a sheet of paper in a plastic film fed from the top and bottom of the rolls, then these sheets are cut to the required size. A batch uses a special plastic bag of a certain format. It is very important to choose the type of lamination. It comes in two types: hot and cold. Hot is carried out by heating the adhesive layer applied to the polyester film and pressing it under pressure against the paper. And for cold lamination, you need to use a film with an adhesive composition, which is fixed at temperatures below 75 degrees. So if the material to be laminated is heat sensitive, then cold lamination is best. You can choose any film. There are five types of it: matte, colored, glossy, semi-matte and textured surface. It is better to choose a film thickness of 80 µm and 200 µm.

Step 3

Take the document and place it inside the device where it comes in contact with the film adhesive. Using the heated rollers or a large heating plate, the film should adhere to your document. When the glue hardens, the film forms a single whole with the document, protecting it from external influences. Which will give it an aesthetic look.

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