How To Send Documents To St. Petersburg

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How To Send Documents To St. Petersburg
How To Send Documents To St. Petersburg

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It may be necessary to send documents to another city for many reasons: making a deal, buying a tour, real estate transactions, issuing certificates, etc. In order to quickly and safely send documents to St. Petersburg, there are many ways.

How to send documents to St. Petersburg
How to send documents to St. Petersburg

Many factors will play a role in sending documents: the time of sending and receiving documents, the desired time and cost of delivery. Think carefully about all the data before sending documents and choose the most appropriate option.

Post and postal services

You can send documents using the Russian Post. This method is quite risky for important securities, but if they are not very urgent and do not exist in a single copy, then you can use the services of this company. There are a lot of myths about the possibility of delivery of letters and other correspondence by Russian Post, but in this case, you can order an additional service "notification of delivery" to be sure of delivery. In addition, to increase the speed of delivery, you can send a parcel by air mail and upgrade the class of departure from regular to first. Such letters and parcels are treated with more attention than ordinary correspondence. Sending documents by Russian Post is considered a budget option for sending.

A more reliable way to send important documents is by express mail. In the postal services market, such express delivery of correspondence is represented by different companies - DHL, EMS, Pony Express and others. Unlike regular mail, these companies are directly responsible for the delivery of letters and parcels, deliver everything on time, on strictly agreed dates and even hours, but their services are quite expensive.

Train and transport companies

You can send documents to St. Petersburg by train or plane through flight attendants. Not every guide or stewardess will agree to take documents even for a fee, but you can try to negotiate. A similar option would be to send through a transport company whose truck transports goods to the city of destination. The only difficulty for these cases will be the timely receipt of the parcel from the train or truck. You cannot be late for the arrival of a train or transport, otherwise the parcel will be lost.

You can send parcels with documents by train in a completely legal way using the Russian Railways delivery service. Such documents are sent only from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back on the Sapsan trains. The cost of the service starts from 450 rubles, and the delivery speed is 4.5 hours during the daytime and 8-9 hours at night. You also need to meet the parcel post at the train, but you can be sure that the documents will never be lost, because the official delivery service of Russian Railways is responsible for the delivery of correspondence.

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