How To Distinguish Natural From Artificial Suede

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How To Distinguish Natural From Artificial Suede
How To Distinguish Natural From Artificial Suede

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The modern level of copying materials has reached such skill that sometimes even experts find it difficult to distinguish a fake from a real product, natural from artificial. However, if you are careful, it is not so difficult to distinguish suede from a substitute.

How to distinguish natural from artificial suede
How to distinguish natural from artificial suede


Step 1

First of all, natural suede, like jackets, jackets and shoes made of it, is much more expensive than artificial. This is especially true of things from famous brands. Remember that a product made from real materials cannot be cheap these days. In addition, a piece of leather or suede is often attached to the label on branded items to ensure its authenticity.

Step 2

To distinguish a fake from an original, you first need to touch the thing with your hand. Natural leather and suede are instantly warmed by human touch, artificial materials remain cold. If you run your hand over the pile, it will necessarily tilt, and the surface seems to change its shade and texture - this is the most important sign. The thickness and softness of suede depends on the quality of the workmanship, but it is always velvety to the touch. Real suede cannot have a fabric underside - then it is a 100% substitute. In addition, natural suede never delaminates, unlike artificial.

Step 3

Natural materials cannot be perfectly flat and flawless. The presence of small creases, scratches or pores is a sure sign of the naturalness of a thing. When bending things made of real suede, be it shoes or a jacket, a small gap should remain on the surface of the product, but after a few seconds the shoes or clothes should take on their original appearance. If there is such an opportunity, drop clean water on the thing: natural suede will instantly absorb it, and a drop will simply roll off an artificial one, leaving no trace.

Step 4

Any thing made of natural suede cannot have exactly the same color on its entire surface. In the production of expensive clothing or footwear, only natural dyes based on plant components are used. Therefore, small differences in shades, for example, on the sleeve and collar of a good jacket, is a sure sign of the high quality of the product. Such a thing will last a long time without losing its prestigious appearance.

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