How To Use The Cash Register

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How To Use The Cash Register
How To Use The Cash Register
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According to Russian law, almost all organizations involved in sales or any other form of receiving money from the population must have cash registers. At the same time, their correct use is important, which is monitored by various state regulatory bodies.

How to use the cash register
How to use the cash register


  • - cash machine;
  • - cash register passport;
  • - maintenance contract.


Step 1

Check if the cash register used in your organization complies with the regulations of the law. The cash register model must be included in a special state register, which can be found at the tax authority. Also, the cash register should not be used for more than seven years - this is considered the maximum service life, after which the device must be replaced. The settlement device must also be completely intact.

Step 2

Register your cash register with your local Federal Tax Service office at your location before using it. Take with you the technical passport of the cash register, as well as the contract for its maintenance, which must be concluded with the manufacturer or another organization. On the spot, write an application for registration of cash register equipment (CCP).

Your application will be reviewed within five days. After that, come to the Federal Tax Service again and receive a special registration card, which will confirm the legality of using your cash register.

Step 3

When using the cash register, observe all legal norms when making payments. The cash register must be sealed at the point of access to the electronic component so that the data in the device's memory cannot be changed.

Step 4

Check regularly whether the amount of money in the cash register corresponds to its electronic indicators. This is usually done during collection, as well as transferring the cash register to another employee. Also, when paying customers using a bank card, please note that the cashier needs to keep receipts with the signatures of the payers.

Step 5

When using the checkout, make sure that the customer is always given a check. Refusal to provide this fiscal document is a violation of the law, which may entail various penalties from the regulatory authorities.

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