The Best Vacuum Cleaner - What Is It?

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The Best Vacuum Cleaner - What Is It?
The Best Vacuum Cleaner - What Is It?

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Maintaining cleanliness and comfort in your home is impossible without the use of a good vacuum cleaner. However, a rich assortment of modern models of household appliances can confuse a potential buyer. To choose the best model of a vacuum cleaner, you need to be able to understand the functionality of this important technique.

Modern model of a vacuum cleaner
Modern model of a vacuum cleaner

Modern vacuum cleaners, due to their versatility, have long become an indispensable item of household appliances. But in order to choose the best vacuum cleaner among the huge range of models, the buyer will have to thoroughly study the key characteristics of this technique.

Vacuum cleaner power

The high suction power ensures the best cleaning results. A good vacuum cleaner should have a wattage of 300 watts or more. If the house has carpets with thick pile, a large area of ​​living and utility rooms, animals are kept - vacuum cleaners with less power will not be able to ensure proper cleanliness. The best models have power switching functions depending on the type of room to be cleaned and the degree of its pollution.

Filtration system

The efficiency of the entire cleaning process as a whole will depend on how the dust collector is arranged. Reusable textile or paper bags for waste collection trap large dust particles inside, and fine dust, together with air, passes through the filter and settles again on the freshly cleaned surfaces of the room.

In new models of vacuum cleaners, the usual filter is replaced by a special container with water, through which the sucked air passes. Dust settles safely in the water, and the air remains clean, fresh and humidified. For this reason, today the most effective are vacuum cleaners that have an aquafilter capable of humidifying, disinfecting and, if necessary, even deodorizing the air in the room. Vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter can carry out not only antiallergenic cleaning, but also take care of the prevention of viral diseases.


Dry vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past. Today's best models are capable of real general cleaning, not only cleaning carpets, but also providing wet cleaning. Such models, due to various nozzles and a steam generator, can wash the tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen, remove dust from the curtains without removing them from the cornice, gently clean upholstered furniture, pillows and mattresses. In addition, cleaning vacuum cleaners are very convenient for picking up liquid spilled on the floor, cleaning windows or removing blockages from plumbing.


The convenience of using household appliances is an important indicator. The most convenient will be a maneuverable, compact vacuum cleaner, which has various attachments for different types of cleaning, a well-insulated cord equipped with an auto-winder, and a convenient telescopic tube.

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