How To Use A Vacuum Pump

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How To Use A Vacuum Pump
How To Use A Vacuum Pump

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A vacuum pump is a device used to treat and prevent sexual dysfunctions in men. They are also used to enlarge the penis: an increase in the penis occurs due to a sharp flow of blood to the penis during its immediate erection. It should be noted that with prolonged use, the number of cells in the genital tissue increases.

How to use a vacuum pump
How to use a vacuum pump


Step 1

Immediately before using the vacuum pump, it is necessary, for hygiene reasons, to thoroughly rinse the special nozzle and the flask with warm water and liquid soap (it is for convenience, since ordinary soap will not be comfortable). Then connect a vacuum bulb to the flask, and with the wide end put the nozzle on the free end of the vacuum flask, while the narrow end should be tucked in.

Step 2

For the most comfortable insertion of the penis inside this flask, it is recommended to lubricate the sealing nozzle that connects to the penis with a water-soluble lubricant: it will provide a fairly easy glide. Also, for the best effect, apply special creams to increase blood flow to the penis, helping to increase erection. All this can be bought in a sex shop or in an intimate store.

Step 3

Then hold the flask perpendicular to the surface of the pubis while inserting the penis into the opening of the nozzle. But do not forget that there may be a special valve on the flask, which must be closed, or a hole that must be clamped. Then you need to work with the other hand with the pear and make several squeezes, in order to thereby evacuate the flask, while holding the pressure of the head for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Then press the air valve and blow air into the flask, holding it for 1 minute. Repeat the procedures for squeezing the pear and starting the air about 10-15 times. Remember that in no case should you force yourself, everything should depend on how comfortable you are.

Step 5

Then you should release the clamped hole or press the air valve - let air into the flask. It is necessary to hold the flask with air for 1 minute (until the erection weakens, while it happens somewhere 10-15 times).

Step 6

And finally: it should be remembered that a vacuum pump is also used to induce an erection in order to prolong sexual intercourse for a long time. At the moment when the vacuum pump creates the maximum erection, a special erection ring is put on the base of the penis.

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