How To Stay In The Army

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How To Stay In The Army
How To Stay In The Army

Video: How To Stay In The Army

Video: How To Stay In The Army
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After completing compulsory military service, the conscript, if desired, can remain in the army for some more time. To do this, it is necessary to draw up all the documents for admission to military service under the contract.

How to stay in the army
How to stay in the army


  • - the passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - employment history;
  • - photos;
  • - an extract from the house book;
  • - characteristic;
  • - autobiography.


Step 1

Gather the required documents to apply. Draw up a report addressed to the commander based on the model given on the website of the Ministry of Defense. It can also be obtained from your military unit. Write your autobiography with basic facts from life - place of birth, education received, work experience, basic personality traits and professional skills. Also provide copies of your high school diploma and diplomas, if you have them. Certify a copy of the work book and attach it to the package of documents. Receive from the place of registration an extract from the house book, as well as a written description from the place of work or educational institution. If you have a wife and children, add marriage and child birth certificates to your documents. Take your photo and attach passport-sized photographs to your application.

Step 2

Give the report and all other papers to your commander. Within a maximum of two months, your application will be considered and, if the decision is positive, you will officially become a candidate for admission to contract service in the army.

Step 3

Get a medical check-up. Based on its results, you will be assigned one of five categories for health reasons. For further testing, only military personnel who are fully fit for service or have minor restrictions will be selected.

Step 4

Take part in a psychological evaluation. The specialists will give you a questionnaire to fill out, and will also hold a conversation with you. As a result, a decision will be made whether it is possible to recommend you for military service due to the peculiarities of your psyche.

Step 5

Sign up for a physical fitness test. You will need to demonstrate the strength and endurance required by the regulations. Upon successful completion of this last stage, you will be able to conclude a contract for service in the troops of your choice.

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