How To Stay In The States

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How To Stay In The States
How To Stay In The States

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America was created by emigrants and to this day, citizens of different countries continue to settle in this country. Each year, the United States accepts over half a million legal migrants alone. But staying there is very difficult. Given the huge influx of applicants, the US authorities have restricted entry and set strict selection criteria.

How to stay in the States
How to stay in the States


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The easiest way to legally emigrate to the States is to win a green card. This lottery is held by the United States Department of State every year. Under the Immigration Diversification Program, 50,000 cards are played between countries with low levels of immigration to that country. By submitting an application for participation in the drawing and passing the strict, but rather simple selection criteria, a person gets this right. The computer then determines the winner on its own. The bad news is that there is no lottery quota for Russia this year. According to the law, green cards are not played in countries from which more than 50 thousand people have left for America over the past five years. Russia fell into this number.

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There are many student programs available. One of the most popular is called WorkandTravel. This is a student exchange program. It provides an opportunity for university students to live, study and work in the United States for 3-4 months. The main requirement for participation is the age of majority and full-time university education. Previously, only 2–4 year students could participate in this program, but now it has become available to freshmen as well. You will be required to have a certificate in English, an application form, a receipt confirming the registration fee, a letter of motivation, letters of recommendation from teachers and a TOEFL / IELTS certificate.

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Girls can try to get a bride visa. The fact is that there are not enough women in the states, so entry was legally enshrined as a bride. But this is a rather complicated procedure. If you meet an American in absentia, the chances of leaving are small. If there is no confirmation of personal acquaintance, the bride's visa application will not begin. That is, first you have to go to your groom. And you should not forget to document this fact well - to make more joint photos. It will be great if your parents and children are also captured in the photographs. In addition to photos, save photocopies of airline tickets, hotel bills. Keep his letters. All these documents must be drawn up in duplicate - for the groom and for you. An American submits them as proof of a real relationship to the US Immigration Service, and you to the American Embassy. If all the necessary documents are in order, you will go through a simple interview and a bride visa will be opened for you. Upon arrival, it is valid for only three months. You need to be in time for this time or get married, or return home. If the marriage is formalized, you can legally remain in the States as a wife.

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You can become a US citizen if you are a good specialist in any field. To do this, you need to obtain a work visa. It provides that you will work for an American company, and is issued for three years. After this period, the visa can be extended again for the same period. Six years of work in the United States is enough to procure a green card. In addition, an American employer can also apply for a residence permit for you. Your family members are also eligible for an entry visa. The basis for it is an invitation to work from a company or an individual. The employer must obtain permission to receive you from the Department of Labor, proving that he needs such a specialist with a high level of qualifications.

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Businessmen who have their own enterprise in the Russian Federation can move to the United States by opening a branch of their company there and start managing the branch.Such a businessman's visa is issued for one year, and if the American unit flourishes, the visa can be extended for three years. In addition, it becomes possible to obtain a residence permit. To obtain a business visa, it is necessary that Russian and American businesses are interconnected, and not necessarily economically. Today, it is a business visa that is considered the most reliable option for obtaining a green card.

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If you are a person who is persecuted in your home country for any reason, or you have a well-founded fear of such persecution, you can apply for refugee status. The only difficulty is that such an application can only be submitted on the territory of the United States. That is, you first need to come there as a tourist. Of course, no one will take their word for it, so you will need to collect evidence of a violation of your rights.

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