How To Survive A Plane Crash

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How To Survive A Plane Crash
How To Survive A Plane Crash

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According to statistics, the chance of getting into a plane crash is very small, but still there. But the recent accidents of passenger aircraft, which have become more frequent, make one wonder: how to survive a plane crash? To do this, you must have the appropriate knowledge to significantly increase your chances of survival.

How to survive a plane crash
How to survive a plane crash

It is necessary

  • - smoke-proof hood or wet towel;
  • - well-chosen clothes and shoes


Step 1

When buying an air ticket, try to choose a seat that is no further than five rows from the exit. Ideally in the row closest to the exit. Passengers seated in these seats have the highest chances of surviving, and these chances decrease with distance from the exit. You can also choose a seat next to the emergency exit if the previously recommended seats are already taken. Also note that aisle seats are safer than window seats.

Step 2

Consider what you will be wearing before flying. Choose long pants and a long-sleeved shirt made of flame-retardant denim or cotton. Wear sturdy, closed-toe boots or shoes. without heels. Clothing should provide complete freedom of movement on the one hand, and on the other, provide at least a little protection from fire.

Step 3

Keep a smoke hood or damp towel close at hand in a sealed plastic bag. This will help not to die from smoke suffocation after a plane crash. If you don't have a hood or a towel close at hand, breathe through your clothing.

Step 4

Once you enter the plane, try to remind its layout. Count the number of seats from your seat to the nearest exit to the emergency exit. Ask the flight attendants about where the emergency exit is located. Estimate the approximate distance in steps to these exits. Memorize the path to the exits so that you can touch them. Also note the location of the flight attendant compartment.

Step 5

Sitting on a chair, put your feet on the floor. Try to keep your hands crossed on your knees. Remove all sharp objects from clothing. It is best to replace your goggles with contact lenses before flight. In an emergency landing, buckle up immediately after ordering. Bend forward and rest your head in your hands. Hug your knees and stay in this position until the plane comes to a complete stop.

Step 6

Remember how to unfasten your seat belt. Better if you practice. In order to unfasten, lift the belt buckle, and do not press the button. Many passengers in a panic forget how to unfasten the seat belt and waste valuable time.

Step 7

When smoke enters the aircraft cabin, never try to stay close to the floor. Unbuckle quickly and head for the exit. In the aircraft cabin, bend over, but do not crawl. There is enough air to get to the exit and at the same time other passengers will not trample you. Once outside, look for loved ones outside the ship, so as not to detain other fleeing.

Step 8

Try to get as far away from the plane as possible in case it explodes. To do this, run from him as fast as you can. Studies show that passengers in the tail section of a liner are 40% more likely to survive than passengers in the bow.

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