How To Protect Yourself From An Energy Vampire

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How To Protect Yourself From An Energy Vampire
How To Protect Yourself From An Energy Vampire

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Energy vampires, of course, cannot be called vampires in full measure: they have neither fangs, nor immortality, nor personal coffins. Outwardly, these are the most ordinary people, only their demeanor annoys many others.

Energy vampires are everywhere: at work, on the street, in the store, in the neighborhood, etc
Energy vampires are everywhere: at work, on the street, in the store, in the neighborhood, etc

Who are energy vampires?

An energy vampire is a person who feeds on negative energy. This explains the fact that these vampires only need negative energy from their victims, and, as you know, the human aura opens only for related energy. That is why these people provoke society to splash out such negativity as anger, irritation, resentment. By the way, the Internet community calls such people trolls.

Signs of energy vampires

Comparison of these people with vampires from horror films is very conditional, because they got their name not because of some external data that makes them similar to fanged vampires, but thanks to a very dubious demeanor. These people can be pleasant-looking, neat, educated, but at any opportunity they will provoke conflicts, scandals and squabbles. These people everywhere sow strife and discord.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires?

You need to try to keep your communication with such people to a minimum, or even distance yourself from them. If you can't communicate with them, then you need to learn not to succumb to their provocations. The fact is that true energy suckers know perfectly well how to make their victim part with a significant part of their energy. Fortunately, there are not so many vampires who purposefully suck energy from people. Most of these energy pumps do it unconsciously. Often they themselves do not understand why they provoke other people.

In order to prevent energy vampires from sucking energy out of themselves, you need to keep yourself in good physical shape, strengthen your immunity, get enough sleep and monitor your diet. The fact is that many energy pumps intuitively “smell” those people who have weak spiritual protection: a painful condition, lack of immunity. If you still had to talk to such a person, then you do not need to flaunt your emotions and feelings in front of him. It will not lead to anything good. Communicate with a vampire calmly and measuredly. This will quickly scare him off, because vampires are simply not interested in communicating with such people.

There is another simple but effective way to defend against energy vampires. You should always carry a mirror with you, the reflective layer directed outward. Such a mirror will reflect all the negative messages emanating from the vampire. As a result, this person will not be able to exchange negative energy with his failed victim, and all the negative will come back to him. Often, energy suckers try to talk to their victim about herself - this will generate quite strong emotions on her part and, as a result, "food" for the vampire. In this case, you should always change the topic of the conversation.

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