How To Protect Yourself On Ice

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How To Protect Yourself On Ice
How To Protect Yourself On Ice

Video: How To Protect Yourself On Ice

Video: How To Protect Yourself On Ice
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The number of people injured from falls on the street increases significantly during the winter. To protect yourself as much as possible on ice, you should adhere to some recommendations.

How to protect yourself on ice
How to protect yourself on ice

It is necessary

  • - shoes with low wide heels or without heels with ribbed soles;
  • - ice shoes.


Step 1

Avoid high-heeled shoes. To avoid falls and injuries on slippery roads in winter, choose boots or boots with low square heels or flat soles for walking. Also, the risk of falls is minimized if the sole of winter shoes is ribbed. Of no small importance is the material from which it is made: it is better if it is rubber or rubber.

Step 2

Change the way you walk on ice - move as if you were wearing small skis. Be careful, try to choose the safest sections of the path, but do not forget that there may be ice under the snow too. Do not keep your hands in your pockets, if possible, do not load up with bags - leave at least one of your hands free for maneuver in case you slip.

Step 3

If you cannot maintain your balance and you feel that you are about to fall, try to have time to sit down in order to reduce the height of the fall. Do not put your hand forward, as falling on it with all your weight can break it. The same goes for your legs - try to keep them together when you fall. At this point, it is advisable to strongly tighten all the muscles of the body in order to protect the bone tissue.

Step 4

Falling on your back, you must try to protect yourself from traumatic brain injury. To do this, losing balance, press your chin to your chest, and spread your arms wide. A hat or hood can also help reduce the risk of concussion.

Step 5

To avoid serious injury when falling on slippery stairs, try to cover your head and face with your hands when falling. Do not try to slow down the fall with your legs and arms - this will only increase the likelihood of fractures and bruises.

Step 6

If the ice is very strong, use special anti-slip pads on the sole - ice shoes. They are one-size-fits-all, available at sports and hardware stores, and provide reliable drop protection.

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