Is It Possible To Protect Yourself From A Love Spell

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Is It Possible To Protect Yourself From A Love Spell
Is It Possible To Protect Yourself From A Love Spell

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You can protect yourself from a variety of magical influences with the help of conspiracies, amulets and rituals. Not all of them can save from a love spell performed by a highly qualified specialist, but they are practically guaranteed to be saved from “everyday” amateur magic.

Basic methods of protection

The easiest way to protect yourself from love magic is to choose or make a suitable talisman. If you have a loved one, you will need two paired amulets. The easiest way to make them is based on jewelry - rings or pendants. To do this, you need to go to a jewelry store together and choose jewelry that will appeal to both you and your partner. After that, they must be cleaned under running water or over an open flame. It is advisable to wear such amulets as often as possible, so jewelry should be versatile. Ideally, the stones in them should be fixed so that they have the opportunity to come into contact with the surface of the skin.

Jewelry with rubies, which strengthen mutual feelings, make the love relationship more durable, or jewelry with rauchtopaz, this stone pulls on itself any negative magical effects (and a love spell is actually a kind of damage) are ideal, but it must be cleaned regularly. If you do not have a partner, give preference to rauchtopaz, at the same time it will "drive away" people with insincere intentions from you.

Conspiracy to the moon

In addition, you can perform a fairly powerful rite of lunar protection. This should be done on the growing moon. To perform the ceremony, you will need aspen shavings, sugar, salt, spring water and a small saucepan.

In the middle of the day, combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and put it on fire. When the water boils, say the following words: “Porches, locks, love spells. Every conspiracy has a lock, not a single conspiracy will take the servant of God / servant of God (here you need to pronounce your name or your partner's name). Aspen in water boils violently, my heart (here you need to pronounce the name of a fan or admirers) closes forever."

Then you need to wait for the night, take a bath of warm water, pour the contents of a saucepan into it and plunge into it three times with your head. This will complete the ceremony, "close" it to you. If you decide to speak to your loved one, do it with his permission. Even if he doesn't take it seriously, you still need his consent. In addition, without the last stage, the conspiracy will not be as effective.

You can save yourself from a love spell by observing some rules. Most importantly, don't take anything from people you don't trust for some reason. So girls in no case should take flowers from people in doubt, a man should refuse an invitation to homemade food, since with its help you can very easily bewitch a person even without special abilities for magic.

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