How Not To Oversleep In The Morning

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How Not To Oversleep In The Morning
How Not To Oversleep In The Morning
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A person spends a huge amount of time sleeping. And this is quite understandable, because it is by resting that he recovers his strength and prepares for a new day. Unfortunately, the needs of the body do not always coincide with the work schedule. But still, the need makes you get up on time.

How not to oversleep in the morning
How not to oversleep in the morning


Step 1

Go to bed early. Indeed, what could be more reasonable? If you are not getting enough sleep, let your body sleep as much as it needs. However, to find out exactly how many hours you need to sleep, you should do an experiment. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, and in the morning take notes about how you are feeling. Once you determine the time at which you should go to bed, the problem will be solved. The main thing is to adhere to the established schedule.

Step 2

Ventilate the bedroom. You will get better sleep and, accordingly, wake up on time if your body receives enough oxygen during sleep. Ventilate the room 10-15 minutes before going to bed. This will allow you, firstly, to fall asleep faster, and secondly, it will be easier to wake up.

Step 3

Set up multiple alarms at once. More often than not, a sleeping person simply turns off the alarm and happily enjoys dreams instead of getting ready for their favorite work. To avoid this development of events, set several alarms at once. Start them with a difference of 5-10 minutes. Arrange in different places. The ideal option would be to place the last alarm clock in the bathroom. You will be able to wash right away in order to quickly drive away the remnants of sleep, and with it the desire to return to a comfortable bed. Be sure to consider the volume of your alarms, otherwise you may not hear them and all your efforts will be in vain.

Step 4

Put your favorite music instead of the standard alarm melody. Agree that waking up to a song that you like is much more pleasant than to a nasty squeak. However, here you should give preference to vigorous, rhythmic melodies, otherwise you may fall asleep even more soundly.

Step 5

Ask someone you know to call you in the morning. You will have to answer the call, and then, whether you like it or not, the dream will disappear by itself. It is advisable to entrust this matter to a person with a sense of humor who can quickly stir you up.

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