How To Disassemble A Seal

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How To Disassemble A Seal
How To Disassemble A Seal
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A seal is a device with which documents are certified. It is also advisable to use it to automate work, for example, if you need to enter the same information in a large volume.

How to disassemble a seal
How to disassemble a seal


  • - seal;
  • - napkins;
  • - stamp paint.


Step 1

Usually, the seal is disassembled for the purpose of refueling with ink, so prepare several napkins: they will allow you not to get dirty, as well as quickly remove splashes from the skin that have not had time to dry. Protect your clothing from dripping - the liquid stamp ink is corrosive and does not remove well from the fabric.

Step 2

If you have before you a print with automatic equipment and a protective mechanism that prevents the ink from drying out, then it is dealt with in several steps. First turn it over so that the top cover rests against the table top.

Step 3

Feel for the side semi-movable paired buttons. Take the device in your hand, making sure that your thumb and middle finger are on them.

Step 4

Slowly retract the automatic rig until you can press the buttons. If the frame has completely gone inward and the impression has opened, then you have missed the moment. Please try again.

Step 5

Pressing the buttons - fixed the seal in one position. Let them go. Now you can remove the pad.

Step 6

Find another hard-to-reach button on the side of the seal and press it. The edge of the pad should appear from the side.

Step 7

Take a napkin and grab it. Pull out the product carefully, the slightest awkward movement can provoke small splashes, even if it seems to you that all the dye has run out.

Step 8

Fill the pad with stamp ink, insert back into the hole. At this stage, the question often arises: how was the part located. Don't worry, you won't be able to fit it incorrectly; it just won't fit.

Step 9

Press the paired release buttons and at this moment make a movement as if you are going to put an impression, but do not finish it. Release the print and the device will return to its original position. Now they can continue to work.

Step 10

Stamps based on automatic equipment are disassembled in the same way.

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