What Mountains Are There In Asia

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What Mountains Are There In Asia
What Mountains Are There In Asia
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Asia is the largest part of the world with the highest mountains on earth. Almost the entire relief of Asia is made up of mountain ranges, plateaus, and hills.

Fan mountains
Fan mountains


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The relief of continental Asia is almost entirely occupied by mountains and plateaus. It is here that the highest mountain systems of the planet are located. In the world-famous mountains of the Himalayas, which annually attract tourists and extreme lovers from all over the world, there is the highest point of the planet Earth - Mount Chomolungma (Everest). Its height is 8882 m.

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The Himalayas are located on the border of Southeast Asia and South Asia, separating the Tibetan Highlands and the Indus and Ganges lowlands. In the northwest, the Himalayas are adjacent to another record-high mountain system in Asia - the Hindu Kush. The most prominent peaks of the Hindu Kush - Tirichmir and Noshak - have a height of 7699 m and 7492 m, respectively.

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In the northeast, the border of the Hindu Kush is formed by the Amu Darya and Pyanj rivers, and behind them begins another highest mountain system in the world - the Pamir. The Pamirs occupy the territories of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China and India. In China, there is the highest point of the Pamirs - Kongur Peak (7719 m).

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Another powerful system is the Karakorum. There are eight-thousanders here. Dapsang Peak reaches a height of 8611 meters, second only to Chomolungma. The largest glaciers in Asia are located in Karakorum.

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One cannot ignore such outstanding mountain systems as the Tien Shan and Kun-Lun. The first includes more than 30 mountains with a height of over 6000 m. There are deposits of oil, silver, zinc, antimony, lead. As for Kunlun, this is another powerful mountain system, including peaks of seven thousand meters. The height of the highest point, Mount Aksai-Chin, is 7167 m.

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To the south of Kunlun is mysterious Tibet, an area that occupies the Tibetan plateau, the largest and highest on the planet. Its area is 2 million square meters. The Tibetan plateau is called the "Roof of the World".

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The highest ranges of Siberia are the Altai Mountains. They are located at the intersection of the borders of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. A feature of Altai is a large number of intramontane basins.

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The Ural Mountains are considered to be a kind of border between Europe and Asia. There is still no agreement on whether to refer the Caucasus Mountains to European or Asian systems. A complete list of mountains and mountain systems of Asia, which includes several dozen names, can be found in the encyclopedia.

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