What Are The Most Beautiful Mountains

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What Are The Most Beautiful Mountains
What Are The Most Beautiful Mountains

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There are a lot of stunningly beautiful landscapes on our planet, the majesty of which amazes a person and makes you feel like a part of something beautiful and immense. Massive mountain peaks, snow-capped ridges and forested mountains adorn the Earth - but which of them are considered the most beautiful and picturesque?

What are the most beautiful mountains
What are the most beautiful mountains

The most picturesque mountains

The most remarkable for its flora and fauna are the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the territory of which unique virgin forests have been preserved. The Carpathian mountains are mostly rounded mountain peaks, where the plateau is strewn with blackberry and lingonberry bushes, and thickets of blackberries grow on the slopes of the mountains. In summer, large herds of sheep and cows graze on these peaks. The main part of the Carpathians is covered with coniferous and beech forests, but oak, cherry, pine, larch, alder, walnut and hornbeam are often found there.

In the beech forests, mountain elm, Norway maple and common ash, which have almost disappeared from the territory of the Carpathian Mountains, also grow.

On the upper slopes of the Carpathians, there are rich alpine meadows, where you can find rare species of flora. So, one of these species is the East Carpathian rhododendron or "Carpathian rose", which is famous for its bright pink flowers. High in the mountains flow the Prut, Cheremosh and Stryi rivers, which are deservedly considered one of the cleanest rivers in Eastern Europe. The mountain ranges of the Carpathians hide in themselves thousand-year-old salt caves, above which there are healing salt lakes, the chemical composition of which is similar to the Israeli Dead Sea. Their area is not so large, but the miraculous properties of the Carpathian lakes are not inferior to the waters of the Dead Sea.

The most beautiful mountain

Alpamayo, located in the Peruvian Andes, is officially recognized as the most beautiful peak in the world. This stunning mountain pyramid is located within the Amazon basin and offers many tourists the most beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area. Its name, which in translation means "Queen of the Andes", the mountain got from the name of the settlement, which stands at its foot, but the locals call it Shuyturau - "snow pyramid".

The height of the magnificent Alpamayo is 5947 meters above sea level, which makes it a tasty morsel for lovers of extreme relaxation.

The top of the "Queen of the Andes" is an almost ideal pyramid, the angle of inclination of the sides of which is approximately sixty degrees. Many tourists compare Alpamayo to a bride in a snow-white dress, waiting for a worthy groom. The mountain was first conquered by a team of Franco-Belgian climbers in 1951, and in 1966 UNESCO awarded it the status of the most beautiful mountain in the world.

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