What Food Products Are Falling In Demand In The Summer Season

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What Food Products Are Falling In Demand In The Summer Season
What Food Products Are Falling In Demand In The Summer Season

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From warm days and summer, the demand for pickles, preserves and other canned products drops sharply. They are replaced by fresh vegetables, later by berries and fruits. Demand for citrus fruits, excluding lemons, is declining. Domestic fruits are successfully replacing bananas. Another category of food, the consumption of which is significantly reduced, is salted and smoked fish. The third group is cereals and confectionery.

Summer grocery demand
Summer grocery demand

Fluctuations in demand for pickles in summer

Listen to your gastronomic desires in the spring. I want green onions and young cabbage, cucumbers and lettuce. It is clear that these vegetables are available on the network all year round, but in the spring, the traditional vitamin deficiency signals the body to urgently replenish them from fresh vegetables and fruits. Consequently, pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut, lecho and eggplant caviar in the wish list are lowered to the bottom of our search rankings. As a result, the purchase of these products in shops and supermarkets, in markets and in grocery stores is markedly reduced. Demand for salted and pickled vegetables is minimal until autumn.

The insignificant need to eat something sour is successfully solved by cooking lightly salted cucumbers, tomatoes or zucchini.

What happens in summer with the level of demand for salted fish

Herring. Demand drops significantly. This product increases the feeling of thirst, and on hot days you want to drink even without herring. For this reason, the consumption of smoked fish is significantly reduced. Many people are simply playing it safe by avoiding getting spoiled food on the dinner table. In smoked fish, the degree of “spoilage” is difficult to determine.

Be extremely careful when buying salted and smoked fish in stores and, moreover, in markets in the summer. Pay attention to the date of manufacture of preserves and packaged fish products, to the storage conditions.

The demand for canned fish is decreasing to a lesser extent. Fans of hiking in the forest and on the river prefer to use canned food, which maintains the level of demand for these products. For obvious reasons, rams, fish balyks and other fish for beer do not experience fluctuations in demand.

Summer demand for cereals and pastries

Traditionally, porridge is boiled more in winter. In summer, they are successfully replaced by vegetable stews, casseroles, elementary young potatoes with dill. A slight decline in demand only for oatmeal. White or colored beans are replaced by green beans. The demand for it decreases until winter. The same thing happens with peas.

Chocolates in the summer are more of a nuisance than a pleasure. They will melt in your purse. They will be too fragile and hard in the refrigerator. Time to remember the traditional oriental sweets: Turkish delight, halva. And add regular marshmallows and marmalade to your meals. Useful and safe.

The hot summer months are not the best time to buy cream cakes for safety reasons. The shelf life of such products is insignificant. They deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, the consumption of cakes is falling. Incorrigible sweets are switching to cookies or ice cream cakes.

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