How To Send A Parcel On Demand

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How To Send A Parcel On Demand
How To Send A Parcel On Demand

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When the parcel arrives at the post office, the addressee is notified of this. But if the address is marked "On demand", there will be no notification. The path of such a parcel will have to be tracked by the sender or recipient on their own. Otherwise, after the expiration of the storage period, it will be sent back. And in all other respects, the parcel sent on demand is no different from the usual one.

How to send a parcel on demand
How to send a parcel on demand

It is necessary

  • - box;
  • - forms;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - passport.


Step 1

Purchase a suitable box from the post office. Postal rules allow for other packaging of parcels, but postal workers in the field sometimes interpret these rules in their own way. To avoid misunderstandings, consult with the operators of your post office on how best to pack the package if the standard box does not suit you.

Step 2

Place the items to be shipped in the selected box. To prevent items from moving inside the package, fill the voids with old newspaper, rags, bubble wrap, styrofoam, etc. But do not overdo it - a box with "swollen" sides will not be accepted for shipment.

Step 3

Do not tape the box with tape, otherwise the post office will force you to rip it off or buy a new box. According to the current rules, the adhesive tape on the parcel can only be special - with the symbols of the Russian Post and the name of the sender's post office. The operator will seal your box with this tape during acceptance.

Step 4

Fill in the accompanying form of the parcel in accordance with the sample (form 116). Indicate the amount at which you value the shipped items. Below, make a mark "On demand" and write the full name of the recipient. Be sure to indicate the exact postal code of the post office where the addressee will receive the parcel. Write the name of its settlement (district, region, republic - if required).

Sample of filling out the accompanying form
Sample of filling out the accompanying form

Step 5

Fill in the sender information - write your full name and address with postal code. Enter your passport details. Sign. Below, in the notice, write the recipient's details again. Do not forget to tick "On demand".

Step 6

Fill in the same way for the sender and recipient information in the spaces provided on the mailbox. Or fill out the address label (yaf 7-p), the operator will stick it on the package. You do not need to indicate your passport data on the box or label.

Sample address label filling
Sample address label filling

Step 7

Give the parcel, completed form / forms and your passport to the post office operator. Wait until he checks the correctness of filling in all the details, seals and weighs your parcel, calculates the amount of payment. Pay for the service and be sure to collect your passport and check.

Step 8

Give the recipient the 14-digit identification number on the receipt. Using this number, the addressee (or you yourself) will have to track the passage of the parcel - this can be done on the Russian Post website. If no one picks up the package within a month, it will be sent back to you.

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