How Do I Know Someone Is Looking For Me

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How Do I Know Someone Is Looking For Me
How Do I Know Someone Is Looking For Me

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Man is a social being. Relatives and relatives, friends, acquaintances and just acquaintances - not even one day in our life goes by without communication with them. But, sometimes it happens that over time or in connection with a move, change of place of residence, we lose our old friendship and family ties. And you really want to regain your lost friendship … If you lost a person, then he also lost you. How do you know if someone is looking for you?

How do I know someone is looking for me
How do I know someone is looking for me


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To find out if someone is looking for you, “word of mouth” will help, oddly enough. There is a theory that all people in the world know each other after a maximum of five handshakes - and it makes sense. You may have a relationship with a lost relative or childhood friend through mutual acquaintances that you don't even know existed. Try to find out from your friends, acquaintances, distant relatives - maybe one of the people they know tried to find you or asked about you. Of course, it is not worth compiling a composite and a written description of a person and showing it to everyone who is familiar with the question - was this person looking for you? Outline in advance a possible circle of searches - classmates will know if a neighbor on the desk is looking for you, and a mother who lives in a city from which you moved a long time ago - if a friend tried to find you in a sandbox.

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All kinds of social networks will also provide a good service. Perhaps it is there that old acquaintances have been trying to find you for a long time and unsuccessfully. Register in the most popular of them - it is quite possible that some distant relative or a girl from a party you were at more than a month ago will write: I finally found you! When registering on social networks, help those who are looking for you - indicate as much information about yourself as possible - where you lived and what school you studied, when you graduated and where you continued your studies, where you work now and in what city you live. Leave additional contact information on the website - mobile phone number, email address, etc.

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An equally effective way to find out if someone is looking for you is the "Wait for Me" TV program. If you don't really want to become a TV star, you can use their website. With the help of a special search bar, you can quickly and easily find out if anyone has applied for a search to find you.

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