How To Write A Description To The Driver

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How To Write A Description To The Driver
How To Write A Description To The Driver

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Sometimes the higher authorities are asked to issue a characteristic for the driver, or the employee himself needs it for future employment. In any case, it must have an established form and meet some requirements.

How to write a description to the driver
How to write a description to the driver


Step 1

Give a title to the document. Write the word "Characteristic" in bold at the top if you are going to type it on a computer. In the next sentence, indicate to whom it was issued. To do this, use the following example: "Issued to the driver of the aircraft category Sergey Nikolaevich Ivanov." Of course, it is possible that he also drives trucks. Then the category will already be D.

Step 2

Indicate again his name, date of birth and education. Use this example: “Ivanov Sergey Nikolaevich, born in 1965, higher education, in 1987 graduated from the Togliatti Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Step 3

Tell us about his work experience, possible achievements and briefly describe his attitude towards his position. Use the following example as a guide. “In 1988 he was admitted to the Volzhsky Automobile Plant as a test driver. During the work, no serious violations of the working order were observed. The tests were carried out with the least damage for vehicles. Sergei Nikolaevich always treats the orders of his superiors responsibly”.

Step 4

Write down the employee's strengths in the following paragraphs. For example, “Always polite and detailed in labor matters. It is highly respected by colleagues and plant bosses. Was not convicted of violations of discipline. Has no penalties or reprimands. He was awarded many times with additional prizes and gifts from his superiors."

Step 5

Complete the characterization. Indicate that "the characteristic was issued on demand …". Next, in the lower left-hand margin, indicate your position, for example, "Director". Slightly lower by one line the name of the organization (JSC AVTOVAZ), then the signature and your full name (Stepanov Semyon Semyonovich). Write the date under your initials. Stamp this. Give the testimonial to the employee or those who needed it.

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