How To Write A Brief Description Of A Product

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How To Write A Brief Description Of A Product
How To Write A Brief Description Of A Product

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A brief description of the product is widely used in retail and online stores, on packaging and price tags. It should give the potential buyer a complete description of the qualities and capabilities of the presented product and carry basic information, answering all the consumer's questions.

a brief description of the product must answer all the buyer's questions
a brief description of the product must answer all the buyer's questions


Step 1

The size of the text when writing product characteristics should be no more than 1000 characters. The buyer will not read a large text with a high content of unnecessary general descriptions. In the brief description of the product, give its technical characteristics as accurately and briefly as possible. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of goods with similar technical characteristics and the buyer cannot rely only on them.

Step 2

Make a description, showing the advantages of the product over others and the prospects for its use personally for the consumer. When presenting information, use fewer terms that are far from the understanding of the average buyer and more description of the qualities close to a particular target audience. Please make sure that your description differs from the description of similar products.

Step 3

In the introduction, indicate the benefits of this product and its properties. Next, give information about the main functions, material, features and principles of work or operation of the product. In conclusion, briefly and concisely let the buyer understand what exactly he will receive for himself by purchasing this product. Experiment, create a vivid and memorable description, but don't change reality. The characteristics of the product should not be its explicit advertisement, but should accurately reflect its properties and advantages.

Step 4

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. This lowers the status of the item and the seller. Do not give false information and do not embellish the reality. If the buyer is disappointed in the purchased product, he is unlikely to trust you again. Do not use formulaic, well-known phrases. After reading the well-written characteristics of the product, the buyer should not have any questions.

Step 5

In product descriptions for an online store or website, avoid using links to additional resources and instructions. Fully disclose the principle of operation of the product and the result of its operation. Use keywords that are understandable and accessible to the average user. The presentation style should be formal and third-person.

Step 6

For an unofficial form of characteristics that is not designed to describe a product from the manufacturer's words, for example, a review on a website or in a printed publication, where a characteristic is given based on personal opinion, along with the advantages of the product, indicate its shortcomings, if any. Please be aware that some metrics can be subjective. Use keywords.

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