Do Dolphins Eat

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Do Dolphins Eat
Do Dolphins Eat

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Dolphins are one of the most evolved creatures on Earth. Their abilities have not yet been fully studied, but it is known that they have their own language, they understand human commands well and are able to empathize. Therefore, the idea that these animals can be eaten seems blasphemous. However, dolphins are eaten in many parts of Japan.

Do dolphins eat
Do dolphins eat


Dolphins are mammals that live in the seas and oceans (in rare cases in rivers) and belong to the suborder of toothed whales. Dolphins are divided into several genera and species: for example, this family includes both playful bottlenose dolphins, which are considered the most famous representatives of dolphins, and dangerous predatory killer whales.

Dolphins are amazing creatures, despite the external resemblance to large fish, they have almost nothing in common with them. These are curious, rather intelligent, agile animals, which are distinguished by a good attitude towards humans. There are many cases of friendship between a man and a dolphin, and many situations have been described when these marine mammals rescued drowning people.

People have loved and revered dolphins since antiquity, as evidenced by numerous legends, beliefs and legends that elevate these animals and rank them as good and intelligent creatures.

The high intellectual development of dolphins has been scientifically proven: these animals have a brain-to-body weight ratio greater than that of chimpanzees, and there are more convolutions in the cerebral cortex than in humans. These creatures use a developed language consisting of several thousand sound signals. It has been proven that they have self-awareness, social consciousness, they know how to empathize and experience emotions. They help newborns or sick members of their own species, and they often have pleasant feelings for a person.

Dolphins as food

In many countries, dolphin fishing is prohibited, but in Japan there is no ban on hunting and using these animals as food. The international community condemns this phenomenon, but the Japanese do not see anything immoral in it.

Dolphin meat is edible, some say it tastes like tuna, others say it has nothing to do with fish. Dolphins are mostly eaten only in Japan, in some of its regions. On the one hand, it cannot be said that this is a very popular and widespread dish, but on the other hand, canned meat of these animals can be bought in almost every supermarket, and fresh meat in all markets or in ports of Japan, many dishes from it are considered gourmet delicacies.

Dolphin meat can also be tasted in almost every Japanese restaurant.

Dolphins in Japan are most often used to make soup, usually fins are used, but sometimes meat is also used. Many people like kebab made from this meat, others prefer to eat it raw, like sashimi is a dish made from raw fish.

Gradually, the demand for dolphins in Japan is falling, since not everyone likes the taste of such dishes, and the pollution of the ocean has led to the fact that dolphin meat contains many harmful substances.

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