The Most Dangerous Maniacs In World History

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The Most Dangerous Maniacs In World History
The Most Dangerous Maniacs In World History
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In history, it is known about the existence of many bloody serial killers who committed terrible crimes against innocent people. The most famous of them have already been convicted or executed. Most of them were distinguished by cunning and ingenuity.

The most dangerous maniacs in world history
The most dangerous maniacs in world history

The living maniacs

Donald Harvey is an orderly who killed 87 patients. He considered himself the angel of death. Death occurred as a result of cyanide, insulin and arsenic poisoning. This combination caused a painful long-term death. He also sometimes strangled patients, infected with hepatitis, pierced the insides, turned off the necessary devices. Now he is serving a life sentence.

Alexander Pichushkin - "killer with a chessboard", is serving a life sentence. He tried to kill 64 people, according to the number of cells on the chessboard. He killed 61 people, was a fan of Chikatilo and wanted to surpass him. He started his career with the homeless and ended up with his acquaintances. He found particular pleasure in killing acquaintances.

Pedro Lopez has yet to be caught. Having suffered terrible bullying in childhood, he became a cruel maniac. He raped and killed over 300 people, and removed their skin from some of them. Hit the Guinness Book of Records as the bloodiest maniac.

Maniacs gone down in history

Theodore Bundy, died in 1989 in the electric chair. The number of those killed reached a hundred. Using his charm, the maniac entered the trust of the victims, then killed. He did this in sophisticated ways, strangling and raping both the living and the dead. Young girls and girls became victims. He decapitated some, leaving the heads to himself.

Women also become violent murderers. Elizabeth Bathory - "Duchess of Bloody", died in 1614. Together with assistants, she killed 600 women, mostly virgins. There are many legends about her, for example, about bathing in the blood of virgins for the purpose of rejuvenation.

Andrei Chikatilo was executed in 1994. He killed 52 people, mostly women and children. Chikatilo lured his victims to deserted places under a plausible pretext. He could not always rape the victim, but he received sexual pleasure, watching her suffer. He inflicted a huge number of knife wounds on his victims.

Yang Xinghai was executed in 2004. In 4 years he killed 67 people, often massacred by their families. The instruments of murder are a saw and an ax. He killed everyone - men, pregnant women, children. Some were raped. His deeds were distinguished by extreme inhumanity. According to him, the killings simply gave him great pleasure.

Javed Iqbal died in 2001. Guilty of rape and murder of over 100 children. First, he choked them, then dismembered and destroyed evidence with acid. This method allowed him to remain unpunished for a long time. Committed suicide.

Harold Shipman had the longest murder list. 218 was proved by the court, in fact there could have been much more. He worked as a doctor, injected heroin to his patients, mainly women. Committed suicide.

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