How To Find A Translation Of A Song

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How To Find A Translation Of A Song
How To Find A Translation Of A Song

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It happens that a favorite song does not go out of my head for a long time. If it is in your native language, there are no problems. But if in a song you like both the music and the voice of the performer, but the words are foreign, you want to find a translation of the song in order to fully understand the meaning, feel and enjoy it in full. This can be done in different ways.

How to find a translation of a song
How to find a translation of a song


Step 1

If you know a foreign language, you can translate the song yourself. Write the words of the song on a sheet so that you can clearly see the completed sentences, or search for the lyrics on the Internet. Sometimes the lyrics can be found on the covers of the disc boxes. If you have any difficulties in translating certain words, use the dictionary. Another option: ask friends who know the language. Ask them to translate the song for you by providing the finished lyrics or letting you listen to the original.

Step 2

If you do not speak a foreign language, go online and find the lyrics of the song you need by title, artist name or words. Open the page of any online translator, copy the lyrics of the song in a foreign language to the clipboard. Paste the fragment into the appropriate field on the online translator page, click on the "Translate" button. After a while, you will be able to read the finished translation.

Step 3

This translation method is not very convenient. In most cases, the translator cannot cope with certain turns of speech and translates the text verbatim. This translation method can be used in cases where you just need to understand the meaning of the song, in general terms.

Step 4

Best of all, take the time and find a ready-made literary translation on the Internet. On sites dedicated to the work of artists or musical compositions, you can find various translations of the same songs. You just have to choose the translation that you like the most.

Step 5

Translations of songs can also be found in print publications. Subject magazines publish lyrics and translations to them. Sometimes translations are found in journals on the last pages in the corresponding headings. Before buying a printed edition, look for yourself or ask the seller to clarify in the table of contents (contents) if the song you need is on the list.

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