How To Find A Song On "Autoradio"

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How To Find A Song On "Autoradio"
How To Find A Song On "Autoradio"

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Hearing a song on your favorite radio can become a real headache - it is difficult to calm down until the song you like is found and saved in your own collection. You can find the song that was played on the air of "Autoradio" using the Internet.

How to find a song on
How to find a song on


Step 1

For a long time, a unique online service has been operating in Runet, and so far has no analogues, with which you can find and listen to (as well as read the text, watch a video clip) any song that sounded on the air. Choose one of the project sites: or to get access to the archives of any Russian radio station, where recordings of the air over the past few years are stored.

Step 2

Go to one of the indicated sites and select the Autoradio page in the Stations section. Even if you do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can be sure that you will most likely find the song you have heard on one of these resources, since the main part of the air of any regional radio station "Autoradio" is the programs of the Moscow studio.

Step 3

On the station page, you can select the online broadcasting mode via the Internet or go directly to the broadcast archive to find the song. Click the "Archive for" button and select the day on which the song you are looking for was heard on the radio. Move the slider of the virtual radio to the desired time interval, and you will see the name of the song that was playing at that moment.

Step 4

Click the Play button to listen to the song. A player will open in a new window, where you can click on the song name to go to the artist information page. Here you will also find the lyrics and a video clip for it, if any.

Step 5

There is another way to search. If you use a mobile device running on iOS (Apple), Android (HTC, Samsung, etc.) or Symbian (Nokia) operating systems, install the Shazam program on your gadget. With its help, you can find out the name of almost any song by a small fragment of a sounding composition.

Step 6

You can install the application on the official website of the program on the Internet at, as well as from the AppStore, Android Market or "OVI Store" - select the application store that matches the platform of your device. After installation, run the program while the desired song is playing on the radio to find out the song title and artist name.

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