How To Photograph A Product

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How To Photograph A Product
How To Photograph A Product
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When photographing a product, try to convey its consumer qualities and hide flaws. If you want to highlight some nuance, direct light at it, darkening the rest of the image.

How to photograph a product
How to photograph a product


Step 1

If you need an image of a product to create an advertising video or a module in a print publication, set it so that the name is fully visible. Do not place a large number of packages or boxes next to each other, this will distract attention. Put or put one name sealed, and next to it, lay out what is hidden inside.

Step 2

Make the background for the photo a solid color. Better if it is not white. Use warm shades of pink, blue, green. Especially if there are light areas on the advertised product. Against the background of boiling white, they will look dirty, gray, or simply merge with the substrate.

Step 3

Small details are not visible in the general photo. If you want to emphasize something for the customer's attention, take a close-up shot of the element using macro photography. On the layout, place the image next to the main one.

Step 4

Use light filters to get a textured shot. Blur the background and highlight the logo or product name.

Step 5

When removing household items, use models in your shots. Photos with people will grab the attention of the buyer. Remember that images of children can only be placed on products intended for them. This is stated in the regulation of the Advertising Law. Violation of it is subject to penalties.

Step 6

When photographing only the product, without specifying the brand, wrap the packaging beautifully so that the name is completely or partially hidden. Or place the product sideways. You can also arrange products in baskets, decorate with flowers, and drape with a cloth.

Step 7

When shooting any product, be sure to use a tripod. Even the most experienced photographer has a hard time focusing on static subjects so that the image is one hundred percent clear.

Step 8

Shoot from different angles. Sometimes the image comes out perfectly in such an angle, which seemed completely inappropriate through the lens.

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