Why The Yellow Daffodil Is The Symbol Of Wales

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Why The Yellow Daffodil Is The Symbol Of Wales
Why The Yellow Daffodil Is The Symbol Of Wales

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Wales is an administrative part of Great Britain, which arose from several independent Celtic lands. Wales is located in the southwestern part of the country on the border with England. The coast of this part of Great Britain is washed by the waters of the Irish Sea. The Principality of Wales has its own symbols, one of which is the yellow daffodil.

Why the yellow daffodil is the symbol of Wales
Why the yellow daffodil is the symbol of Wales

Legends and symbols of Wales

Narcissus did not immediately become a symbol of Wales. There is a legend according to which in the distant VI century a decisive battle was to take place between the Welsh - the inhabitants of Wales - and the Saxons. An onion field was chosen as the site for the battle. Taking advantage of the peculiarities of the area, Saint David, who was the patron saint of Wales, ordered his soldiers to fasten parts of leeks on their headdresses. In this way, it was easier for the Welsh to distinguish their warriors from those of the enemy in battle. In that battle, the warriors of Wales were victorious.

Saint David is a real person, shrouded in legends. One of the legends says that three decades before the birth of David, a heavenly angel appeared to Saint Patrick, heralding the appearance of a strong patron saint of Wales. It was rumored that at the moment of the birth of Saint David, lightning swept across the sky, splitting a massive rock in half.

Subsequently, the green and white colors, symbolizing leeks, were used in their clothes by the archers of Wales. In March, when St. David's day came, the Welsh would attach the plant to garments. The leek, which at one time brought victory in battle, also appeared on the coat of arms of Wales. It is included in a wreath of several symbolic plants that border the sign of princely power.

Yellow daffodil as a symbol of Wales

The story described above has a lot to do with the floral symbol of the Welsh. The legendary leek unwittingly became the reason for the appearance of the yellow daffodil in the symbolism of Wales. The fact is that in Welsh, the words for leek and yellow daffodil are written and sound similar. Researchers of symbolism and heraldry believe that it was this fact that became the reason for the consolidation of the yellow daffodil as another symbolic designation for Wales.

In the spring, a large variety of yellow daffodils bloom in the fields of Wales. These flowers have a wide variety of shapes, shades and sizes. Breeders are very fond of working with daffodils, thanks to whose efforts one can find very beautiful flowers with bright and juicy tones. Artistic photographs depicting yellow daffodils are used in the design of greeting cards.

In Wales, for more than two centuries, March 1 has been widely celebrated as St. David's Day, recognized as a national holiday. On this day, Welsh people take to the streets, organizing colorful festivals and street festivities. According to folk tradition, the people of Wales attach yellow daffodil flowers and leeks to their clothes.

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