How To Dilute Gasoline For A Chainsaw

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How To Dilute Gasoline For A Chainsaw
How To Dilute Gasoline For A Chainsaw

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In most cases, a chainsaw is the most common two-stroke chain saw. It works on a special mixture of gasoline and oil, which is added to the engine. It is necessary to highlight in detail the question of how to dilute the fuel mixture for a chainsaw.

You need to prepare the fuel mixture for the chainsaw wisely
You need to prepare the fuel mixture for the chainsaw wisely

How to dilute chainsaw fuel mixture? Cooking materials

First you need to prepare everything you need, namely gasoline and oil. It is recommended to purchase gasoline AI-92 or AI-95. Other species with the lowest octane number should not be used. The chainsaw also comes with a special synthetic engine oil designed specifically for a two-stroke engine. Attention! As an alternative, the petrol must not be diluted with oil for four-stroke engines and oils for outboard motors

The official manufacturer of a particular brand of chainsaw offers a number of universal additives to its fuel mixture that help improve the performance of a two-stroke engine. It is recommended not to bypass this issue.

In addition to gasoline and engine oil, you will also need a clean, dry container. Do not neglect this advice: the container must be dry without fail, since drops of water and any foreign objects can significantly harm the heart of the chainsaw - its engine!

How to dilute chainsaw fuel mixture? Instructions for use

If everything that is needed to prepare the fuel mixture is at hand, then you can proceed to action. So, the standard ratio of gasoline to oil is the following: 1 to 40 or 1 to 50. It is worth noting that these indicators may differ from one or another manufacturer of chainsaws, so it is certainly recommended to find out your own ratio, which is indicated on the can with engine oil supplied complete with chainsaw.

Don't get too carried away with adding oil to fuel! The fact is that the excessive addition of synthetic oil to gasoline used for a two-stroke chainsaw engine will increase its smoke. This, in turn, will lead to soot on the candles and on the entire piston group of the motor. In this case, the breakdown of the chainsaw cannot be avoided. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carefully and accurately monitor the amount of oil added to gasoline.

Manufacturers of modern chainsaws recommend that all owners of this tool acquire a special chain oil. The fact is that its use will reduce the volume of the consumed fuel mixture.

If, for some reason, more engine oil has been added than the norm, then it is recommended to increase the amount of gasoline in proportion to the amount of oil already added. You should also monitor the lack of oil in the fuel: if it was added below the norm, then over time, scuffs will begin to appear on the engine pistons.

As soon as the engine oil and gasoline are added in the required amount into a single and dry (!) Container, it must be closed with a tight lid, and then all the "ingredients" must be thoroughly mixed. It is not necessary to prepare a large amount of fuel mixture for the chainsaw, since its shelf life should not exceed one month. If the fuel mixture is stored for more than a month, then its oxidation and loss of all lubricating properties cannot be avoided. In addition, chainsaw damage cannot be avoided.


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