How To Fill In Technological Cards

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How To Fill In Technological Cards
How To Fill In Technological Cards

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To establish general rules for information exchange between various government departments, there are technological maps of interdepartmental interaction. Such maps are separate projects, which describe the procedure for the exchange of information between authorities, determine the mutual obligations of institutions on the content, timing and methods of transferring information. The filling of the technological map is carried out according to certain rules.

How to fill in technological cards
How to fill in technological cards


Step 1

Get acquainted with the structure of the technological map of interagency interaction. The map contains a description of the procedure for the provision of public services, data on the composition of documents for a specific service, information on counterparties, plans to amend the documents of title and plans for the implementation of interaction between departments.

Step 2

Prepare the forms necessary for drawing up a technological map, including forms for entering data on the procedure for the provision of public services, forms for entering data on counterparties and the content of interagency interaction, a form for a plan for amending legal acts and a plan for the implementation of such interaction.

Step 3

It is impossible to foresee absolutely all cases when filling out the forms, therefore, when filling out the card, proceed from the specific conditions related to the description of the services of your department. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation provides instructions for filling out forms for technological maps, relevant recommendations and a description of the procedure for agreeing a technological map.

Step 4

When filling out the technological map, keep in mind that it is drawn up for each public service separately.

Step 5

The lack of administrative regulations for the service does not obviate the need to draw up a map. In this case, fill out the technological map on the basis of the acts regulating its provision.

Step 6

If information is planned to be obtained from the basic resource in the form of an extract, for example, from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, then describe the request in a standard way (according to the instructions), since during the description it may turn out that the data of the basic resource can be transferred to interdepartmental interaction.

Step 7

After drawing up a technological map and filling out all the necessary forms, coordinate it with all contractors involved in the provision of public services (consumers and data providers).

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