The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Ksenia

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The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Ksenia
The Meaning And Mystery Of The Name Ksenia

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Whatever you call the boat, so it will float. If all of a sudden the name "Victory" turns out to be "Trouble", then why be surprised if the boat sinks? This simple truth from the familiar cartoon "Captain Vrungel" must be remembered in the moments when you call someone or something. It's scary to even imagine what will happen to the boat if you give it the name Xenia.

The meaning and mystery of the name Ksenia
The meaning and mystery of the name Ksenia

The interpreters from the literature of the early 70s of the last century, having written a popular book that sold in huge print runs, You and Your Name (edited by the famous philologist and popularizer Lev Uspensky), had no idea what they had done. After all, they really had no idea that the Internet era would ever happen in the world and their pseudoscientific research would gain immense popularity, multiplying in the networks like a viral infection.

Popular interpretation and mystery of the name

The book "You and Your Name" interprets the name Ksenia as contradictory as possible, so as not to give an exact answer to the directly posed question - what does it mean, how this name is translated. Indeed, history is sometimes dark, especially ancient Greek history. Therefore, based on the root of the name "Xen", they concluded that the name itself must mean words derived from this root: wanderer, alien, foreign, inhospitable - by the name of the stinging rhymes with which they supposedly greeted unexpected guests.

However, in order not to get into a mess, the compilers left a small loophole for themselves, not insisting on this interpretation: they immediately put forward a completely opposite version that the name Ksenia is only a diminutive form on behalf of Polyxenus - hospitable.

Well, putting forward such contradictory versions, they only emphasized that this name really contains a Mystery. The secret of strong, contradictory women who can simultaneously expel, greet, saying no - say yes, sarcastically loving, and not loving not be shy in expressions.

Is it all about the vowel? Nonsense

The same interpreters, in the same book, once and for all imprinted on the name Ksenia two more names, as it seemed to them derivatives from the first: Aksinya and Oksana.

What were they guided by? By the similarity of the sound of the root and the vowel? Probably. However, if we proceed only from these parameters, then in the Russian language you can go very far, right?

In fact, the roots of these names are different, since they come from different language groups. The name Ksenia has Greek roots. Aksinya Finno-Ugric. Oksana has Greek-Turkic roots: "ox" and "ana". And if you make a free translation of the name, then it means "mother-river" or rather - "river-mother". In ancient times, for example, after the Macedonian campaign to Asia, the Amu Darya River was called "Oks" for many centuries.

It’s even strange why the researchers didn’t include the names Roxanne or Sana, which suggest the same logic, to the name Xenia? Something stopped them. It is likely that the name Roxanne has clearly pronounced Persian roots and its translation is also multifaceted, while the name San has Arabic, and from Arabic it is translated as the Sun.

Name mystery = character

Advice: when naming a boat or a child by the name Xenia, remember - you are launching a creation without a rudder and without sails. The creature is eccentric, funny, touchy, vulnerable, charming, proud, absolutely uncontrollable, but extremely - to the point of being boring - persistent in achieving the goal. Your boat will have local and global storms, which it will partly provoke itself, but it will definitely reach the final as a winner.

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