How To Make A List Of Acquaintances

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How To Make A List Of Acquaintances
How To Make A List Of Acquaintances

Video: How To Make A List Of Acquaintances

Video: How To Make A List Of Acquaintances
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Making a list of acquaintances is one of the first steps new distributors of any direct selling company need to do. People are afraid of this point in network activity and are limited to 10–20 names. In fact, over the course of a lifetime, a person gets to know a lot of people.

How to make a list of acquaintances
How to make a list of acquaintances


Step 1

In order to compile a complete list of acquaintances, you need to remember your whole life. Start with the people you are closest to. Relatives are often the main consumers of products. They also help distribute catalogs to friends. In most cases, when building a network, parents, brothers, sisters and other close relatives are registered in the first line.

Step 2

Take a photo album, there probably are photographs in which you are captured with childhood friends, school friends, students from the institute group. Try to connect with them. Try to find them on social media. Do not forget to mention the teachers in the list, as it is they who are often in dire need of additional earnings and can form a worthy backbone of the future team.

Step 3

Try to remember hobbies you did in your previous life. Perhaps they attended sports sections, interest clubs, handicraft circles, etc.

Step 4

Do not forget your colleagues in your former and current work. You will have a great reason not only to spend time in good company, but to tell these people about the benefits of products and great opportunities to earn money as a team.

Step 5

Do not lose sight of your neighbors, even if you are not familiar with them, but only nod when you meet. Try to make new contacts, perhaps you deny yourself an exciting communication.

Step 6

If there are pets, write down other pet owners with whom you have interacted in the past.

Step 7

Notebooks and telephones will be good helpers. Don't overlook any contact. People whom you would like to immediately discard can agree to cooperate.

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