How To Use Meat And Bone Meal

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How To Use Meat And Bone Meal
How To Use Meat And Bone Meal

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Meat and bone meal is a natural product that contains amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is used as a fertilizer and as a feed additive for domestic and farm animals.

Meat and bone meal
Meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal is a product of natural origin; it is prepared from by-products and rejected carcasses of farm animals by heat treatment, followed by drying and grinding. The finished product contains at least 50% protein, essential amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. In appearance, this product is a dry friable mass with a specific odor, it can have various shades from gray to brown, as well as different grind sizes.

Where is meat and bone meal used?

Meat and bone meal is widely used in agriculture: it serves as an additional source of protein for pigs, poultry, and young farm animals. This food supplement is also included in the diet of pets: cats and dogs. Meat and bone meal is easily absorbed by the body, since it contains nutrients in a biologically available form.

Adding meat and bone meal during feeding makes it possible to:

- to increase the nutritional value of basic feeds by enriching them with amino acids, vitamins and proteins;

- reduce feed consumption;

- to normalize the metabolism of animals;

- to intensify growth and reduce morbidity;

- to increase the productivity of poultry and farm animals.

In addition, meat and bone meal has established itself as a safe and fairly effective fertilizer for plants grown outdoors.

What is meat and bone meal for?

The use of meat and bone meal as a food additive is necessary for:

- correct growth and harmonious development of young animals;

- strengthening the musculoskeletal system of elderly and weakened animals;

- replenishment of vitamin deficiency in bitches during lactation;

- quick recovery after physical exertion, including childbirth and feeding.

In the menu of pets, meat and bone meal is added gradually, mixing it with other feeds. It is best to combine flour with liquid food, in particular cold soups. Its amount in the diet of a dog or cat directly depends on the weight and age of the pet, but the daily consumption of meat and bone meal should not exceed 100 g.

Meat and bone meal is the most accessible raw material of animal origin for the manufacture of high-quality compound feed. In general, with the help of this food additive, you can make the process of raising farm animals more economical and improve the quality of the final product.

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