How Waste Is Recycled In Russia

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How Waste Is Recycled In Russia
How Waste Is Recycled In Russia

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In Russia, gradually and relatively slowly, but nevertheless, an ecological culture is being formed. Entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to apply their abilities are looking closely at those areas of production that are directly related to waste recycling. The technologies of waste separation with their subsequent utilization, borrowed from developed countries, are being used more and more widely.

How waste is recycled in Russia
How waste is recycled in Russia

Features of garbage processing in Russia

Waste processing in Russia is complicated by the fact that the territorial and infrastructural features of the country do not yet allow for effective separate collection and transportation of waste. Experts believe that the development of local and regional markets for secondary raw materials and products made from them will help to move this problem. This requires decisions of municipal authorities that would encourage entrepreneurial initiative in this area of ​​production activity.

Another possible solution that will allow the development of the garbage processing industry is to build specialized complexes near large cities, taking as the basis for their work proven schemes and technologies that have long and successfully been used abroad. One of the obstacles here is the imperfection of Russian legislation in the field of ecology and the absence of common standards for the country for the processing and use of secondary raw materials.

It is assumed that by 2020 a full-fledged industry for the disposal of garbage and other waste will be created in Russia. In 2013, a special draft law was prepared, amending the law “On production and consumption waste”. Legislators believe that after the adoption of the amendments affecting the interests of citizens and entrepreneurs, there will be additional incentives for the development of certain industries related to waste disposal.

How garbage is disposed of

In cities and other settlements of Russia, containers for separate waste collection are increasingly common. Such a system makes further waste processing more efficient and less costly. For some time now, the purchase of secondary raw materials by processing plants began to be used, but such programs primarily concern only paper, certain types of plastic and polyethylene. The fact is that most often it is these raw materials that are processed at specialized factories.

In 2013, there were about 250 waste processing plants in Russia, but their number is growing steadily. The production cycle at such enterprises is increasingly subject to unification and standardization. Waste processing plants in Russia often have their own services for the transportation, sorting and disposal of waste. Special equipment for various purposes allows you to extract secondary raw materials from household and construction waste, which can be easily stored, transported and turned into items that have value in the eyes of consumers.

From the point of view of recycling efficiency in Russia, the most promising remains "metal" waste. It is the easiest to sort because it is easily recognized. The second most important place is taken by the processing of cardboard and paper. It is somewhat more difficult to sort and recycle plastic and plastic wrap. Glass containers, which are popular in the processing of raw materials, complete the list. As a rule, entrepreneurs try to adhere to a certain specialization in waste disposal, guided by economic benefits and the availability of raw materials.

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