How To Extinguish Soda

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How To Extinguish Soda
How To Extinguish Soda
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Soda is usually slaked to be used as a baking powder for flour. Baking powder makes the dough fluffy, fluffy and soft. Soda can be added to baked goods unchanged, but the effect will be completely different, and the dishes will turn out to be not at all as tasty as they could be.

How to extinguish soda
How to extinguish soda


Step 1

Acetic acid extinguish Place some baking soda on the tip of a tablespoon. Add a couple of drops of acetic acid and a few ml of water. The soda will begin to foam - this is when the salt of a weak acid reacts with a strong acid, sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide are released. As soon as the bubbles stop coming out, add the mixture to the dough and bake or fry it right away. Stir the baking soda very thoroughly. Despite the fact that the reaction ends in the spoon, when the components are heated, it resumes. This is what makes the baked goods so fluffy and soft.

Step 2

Quenching with citric acid In a mayonnaise jar, mix 5 teaspoons of baking soda and 3 teaspoons of citric acid. Close the jar tightly and shake well while mixing the ingredients. This makes a great baking powder that can be stored for several weeks. Add it to the dough, the reaction will start already there. Remember to stir everything thoroughly. You can use fresh lemon juice instead of citric acid. 2-3 tsp will be enough.

Step 3

This step repeats the first or second, with the exception that acid (acetic or citric) is added to the liquid, and soda is added to the last portion of the flour. The reaction also begins after combining the components.

Step 4

Quenching with jam If you are going to bake a sweet cake, try quenching the baking soda with jam. To do this, put 2-3 teaspoons of jam, such as strawberry jam, in a small bowl. Then add 1 tsp of baking soda and mix everything thoroughly. Let this mixture sit for a few minutes and then add to the dough.

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