Campaign Speech: Learning Public Speaking

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Campaign Speech: Learning Public Speaking
Campaign Speech: Learning Public Speaking

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Agitation speech is one of the stylistic genres aimed at influencing and convincing the listener of something. It differs from other types of speech in its emotional and evaluative coloration and is used for specific purposes and tasks.

Campaign speech: learning public speaking
Campaign speech: learning public speaking

Campaign speech: learning public speaking

In everyday life, agitation speech is rarely used, but you must be prepared for any situation. Therefore, it is important to develop public speaking skills. To learn how to speak in front of a large audience, it is enough to know a few basic rules. Campaign speech has a rigid structure.


The introduction is the most important part of the campaign speech, since it is at the beginning of your speech that you can win over the audience, feel its reaction, and develop a further line of behavior. In the introduction, you need to define the purpose, as well as provide explanations on your chosen topic.

At the initial stage of the presentation, it is important to tune the audience in such a way as to facilitate further communication and elicit a positive reaction. This can be done in several ways. First, in order to attract the attention of the public, it is necessary to include humor in your speech. At the same time, the quality of humor should correspond to the selected audience. If you are not gifted with a sense of humor, then it is better not to risk it, but to quote a famous person, whose opinion the audience will definitely listen to.

Second, try to create an atmosphere of reconciliation, that is, work out a common basis for agreement. In this case, it is important to explain to the listeners that you and them are united by a single goal and task, that you have no desire to impose anything. The main thing is to create long-term contact with the audience and keep it until the end of your speech. Smile more, use gestures of kindness. Frequently ask prompting questions that require a mandatory response. Your goal in the introduction is to interest the listener.

Main part

For the main part of the speech, a plan must be drawn up. Do not be too lazy to prepare it in advance. Set aside some time to write the plan, think about what motivations and messages you want to convey to the audience. Carefully write down each point of the plan and choose words with emotional-evaluative meaning to your speech. The campaign speech should contain at least 5 keywords that you will pronounce in different variations. This will enhance the effect on the listener.


In conclusion, you will realize such goals as to summarize and once again clarify what has been said, to focus interest on an important point, to note the special meaning of your speech, to maintain the positive attitude you have created. To do this, in the conclusion of the campaign speech, repetitions, illustrations and examples, quotes and impressive statements are often used. The main task of the conclusion is to win over as many listeners as possible. If, after your speech, you see a sincere interest of the audience, then we can assume that all the goals have been achieved.

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