How To Avoid Being Cheated In The Store

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How To Avoid Being Cheated In The Store
How To Avoid Being Cheated In The Store

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Today, going to the store for groceries or goods can be compared to a scout on the front line. Only maximum concentration and attention can save at least most of the deception used by unscrupulous sellers.

How to avoid being cheated in the store
How to avoid being cheated in the store

Cheating in stores

Avoiding deception in any store can only be achieved by developing three necessary qualities: the ability to quickly count in the mind, observation and good eyesight. Only thanks to this necessary set can you win the competition with the seller, whose experience in body kit, calculation and deception is beyond the control of even the most vigilant buyer.

During service in a regular store, it is necessary to carefully monitor the arrow of the scale, observing the movements of the seller. A sharp twitching of the arrow may indicate that a thread is attached to the weighing pan, with the help of which the weight of the goods is manually increased. A quick throw of goods on the scales, with the same rapid removal, significantly increases the initial weight and makes it impossible to see the exact figure and calculate the price.

When weighing goods on electronic scales, you need to make sure that initially there are zeros or a number with a minus sign on the display. This means that the weight of the packaging material will not be included in the price of the goods. It must be remembered that the flashing electronic scales will never show the exact weight.

There are more sophisticated options such as attaching a magnet to the bottom of the weighing pan, increasing the weight of the weights by pouring lead inside, and a host of other salespeople know-how. In case of suspicions about actions of this kind, you should forget about your conflict-free and tactful nature and demand that the goods be weighed on control scales. An item of a certain weight helps a lot, which, before making a purchase, can be put on the scales and instantly determine the estimated amount of calculation.

Cheating in supermarkets

Vigilance in supermarkets is somewhat different from behavior in the market or small store. Here, too, it does not hurt to check the weight of the goods on a control scale, but the main thing is not to bring home spoiled products that have expired. Usually stale goods are laid out in the most conspicuous place. In addition to determining the date of manufacture on the label, you need to carefully examine the price tag itself - whether there is a sealed analogue with an expired shelf life hidden under it.

The vacuum packaging of the product should fit it tightly and not have air cavities. If the product was not sealed in the factory, but was stacked on pallets and wrapped in foil by supermarket employees, there is a danger of finding spoiled products on its lower layer.

Be sure to check the receipt immediately after receiving it and do not throw it away at the exit in order to be able to file a claim with the store in case of damaged products.

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