How To Bring The Goods

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How To Bring The Goods
How To Bring The Goods

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In this issue, the most important thing is how to carry out cargo transportation across the border. And across different countries, the rules will vary. In this article, we will assume that all cargo transportation is carried out from another area / region / country / other to your home.

How to bring the goods
How to bring the goods


Step 1

You decide which way the cargo will be transported. It can be a car, ship, plane, bus. It all depends on the financial costs, which in turn depend on the laws and customs of the country from where the goods are taken. And the second criterion is the presence of these very routes (now it has become possible to bring from France by sea, but earlier it was impossible). Transportation by sea is usually cheaper than by road. But road transportation is much faster.

Step 2

If your cargo is not very large, there is a reason to use postage. What could be simpler - come to the nearest post office and receive the ordered goods.

Step 3

Another option is that you yourself carry your cargo with you in your personal luggage. It is necessary to study the rules for the import of personal belongings into Russia. But usually there are no problems with this.

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