How To Print Price Tags

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How To Print Price Tags
How To Print Price Tags

Video: How To Print Price Tags

Video: How To Print Price Tags
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Price tags are more than just displaying the name of a product and its price. It is also an advertising tool. With the help of price tags, you can attract the attention of the buyer by highlighting the price of the product in a large font or in a different color. Also, with the help of promotional price tags, you can increase sales of a particular product.

How to print price tags
How to print price tags


  • - copier;
  • - computer;
  • - Printer;
  • is a design firm.


Step 1

The very first and easiest way to print price tags is by photocopying. This method is suitable if you already have ready-made price tags, and you just need to multiply them. To do this, place the price tags in a copier or copier, set the number of copies you need and run copies of the price tags for printing.

Step 2

The next way is the formation of price tags in a text program. This method is suitable if you have a computer with installed software, a printer, and there are no ready-made price tags. Boot up your computer, run a word processing program, create price tags. It is best to make them in the form of tables with marked borders, so it will be more convenient to cut them later along the lines. Form one price tag, copy it and place copies all over the sheet. After finishing the layout, print the number of sheets you need, then cut the price tags.

Step 3

If your accounting is carried out in the 1C program, then price tags can be generated and printed directly from the program. But keep in mind that it will be possible to print labels for only one item of an item, or for an item as part of a group. If you need to indicate more information in the price tag, install an additional add-on to the 1C program - "Universal Printing of Price Tags and Labels".

Step 4

If uniformity of labels and general style are important to you, use special programs for creating and printing labels. For example, the program "Label Printing 1.0". Download it, install it on your computer. This program is an Access database file into which your data is imported by means of MS Office. After starting the program, create price tags and print the quantity you need.

Step 5

In case you have a reputable company and have an approved style book, it is best to order price tags from the printing house. The price tag layout is prepared by a professional designer according to your brand book. After that, the price tags are printed in the volume you need. The only drawback of this method is the high cost of such price tags.

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