How To Accept Goods For Commission

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How To Accept Goods For Commission
How To Accept Goods For Commission

Video: How To Accept Goods For Commission

Video: How To Accept Goods For Commission
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The work of commission shops is regulated by the RF Government Decree No. 569 "On the rules of commission trade". According to this resolution, the commission may accept new non-food products or second-hand products. Reception is carried out in accordance with paragraph 8 of these rules.

How to accept goods for commission
How to accept goods for commission

It is necessary

  • - the consignor's passport;
  • - contract.


Step 1

You can accept goods for sale from wholesale suppliers and the public. When accepting the goods, a commission must be present in the person of the receiver and a representative of the store administration. Inspect your commission sale item. Enter all the defects of the goods into the contract, which should be drawn up in duplicate for the agent, which is the store. The second copy of the contract is transferred to the principal, which is a wholesale supplier or an individual.

Step 2

Enter in the contract the serial number by which you accept the goods for the commission, the date of the document, the full details of the parties. The details include information about the address of a private person or a wholesale organization, the address of your store, telephones for two-way communication, passport details of the principal or other information based on the submitted identity documents.

Step 3

Also, add to the contract a clause on the degree of wear and tear of the goods and identified flaws if you accept used goods, the price declared by the consignor or set by your appraisers, the procedure for calculating the goods sold, the procedure for discounts if the goods are unclaimed by buyers. Also indicate the procedure for returning unsold goods if you fail to implement it, commission fees for storing goods in your store, maximum permissible sales dates. Additionally, you can enter into the contract all the points that you deem necessary to be reflected in the acceptance document. Place the signatures of the parties and the seal of your organization under the document.

Step 4

If you accept antiques for retail trade on a commission, you must be guided by Federal Law 128-F3, which states that retail trade in antiques is carried out on the basis of a valid point of sale license, which means that there is no need to issue a separate license.

Step 5

This rule does not apply to the sale of antiques made of precious metals and stones. For these products, you must obtain a quality certificate, which is submitted for a separate product or consignment of goods. In addition, you are obliged to check the manufacturer's stamp and impression. When accepting precious stones, alloys, cut diamonds for commission, this condition must be observed (clause 62 of the "Commission Trading Rules").

Step 6

If you accept weapons on the commission, you must be guided by clause 13 of the "Commission Trade Rules", as well as Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 814, Federal Law 150-F3, Constitutional Law 3-FKZ. According to this law, you can only accept civilian weapons intended for hunting, sports and self-defense, with a maximum magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and not firing bursts. Arms trade must be carried out under a separate state license that permits this type of activity. All weapons must have a quality certificate and registration number on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Step 7

In accordance with clause 5 of the "Commission Trade Rules", you cannot accept food products, hosiery and socks, underwear, if these items are not a wholesale lot of new goods, cosmetics and perfumes, medicines, household chemicals.

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