How To Correctly Display The Goods

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How To Correctly Display The Goods
How To Correctly Display The Goods

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The popularity, attendance and revenue of a supermarket largely depends on the display of goods on its shelves. It is the correct arrangement of products that can make it as easy as possible for a potential buyer to find the product he needs. In addition, the correct layout also affects the quality of the supermarket sellers' work.

How to correctly display the goods
How to correctly display the goods


Step 1

The display of goods on the shelves of supermarkets should be carried out from the floor to the eye level of a tall person. The location of the products most favorable for the perception of buyers is at a height of 130 cm from the floor. The shelf located at this level is called "gold", on which you can place the most expensive goods. The most popular products, as a rule, are located at the level of the eyes of the buyers, and the cheaper ones - on the lower shelves.

Step 2

Consider the direction of the buyers' eyes when displaying the product. A person looking at a shelf with products in a supermarket usually looks from left to right and from top to bottom. Therefore, on the left side of the shelf, lay out the most popular products, and on the right - those that need "promotion".

Step 3

The correct layout of the goods excludes the presence of empty gaps with products. A customer who walks into a store should get the impression that his shelves are simply bursting with an abundance of goods.

Step 4

The correct layout of the product implies placing it in several rows: either horizontally or vertically. Moreover, fill the lower shelves with large-sized products, and the upper ones with small goods.

Step 5

The correct layout of the product is aimed at "untwisting" not very popular things and novelties with the help of products that are in great demand among buyers. Therefore, place the most popular products at the beginning and at the end of the shelf, and place all other products between them.

Step 6

If the product is correctly laid out, place the price tag exactly under the product, the price of which it indicates. The numbers on it should be large and clear. The discount applicable to the product must be highlighted in bold or in another color.

Step 7

The appearance of racks and shelves, with the correct layout of the goods, should be neat, attractive and harmonious.

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