How To Transport Goods From Ukraine To Russia

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How To Transport Goods From Ukraine To Russia
How To Transport Goods From Ukraine To Russia

Transportation of various goods from Ukraine to Russia can be carried out both for personal purposes and for doing business. At the same time, it is necessary to know the customs rules of both countries so that you do not have to pay fines later or even lose your cargo.

How to transport goods from Ukraine to Russia
How to transport goods from Ukraine to Russia


Step 1

Select the type of transport you want to use for transportation. Transportation of goods by aircraft is used quite rarely, as it is expensive and not always necessary - Ukraine borders on Russia. It is advisable to send by plane only very urgent and small cargoes. For others, road and rail are best. The latter method is the cheapest, which attracts, if necessary, to transport a large amount of goods.

Step 2

Find out the customs regulations of both countries to prevent misunderstandings at the border. It is impossible to export cultural values, as well as precious metals and stones from Ukraine without special permission. When transporting animals and plants, a phytosanitary or veterinary control permit is required.

Step 3

Fill out the customs declaration when crossing the border. Indicate in it your name, the name of the organization, if you are transporting goods for a legal entity, as well as all types of things that you have prepared for sale and must be declared. The declaration should be drawn up on two forms and handed over to customs officers. Provide all information accurately, otherwise you risk being fined a large sum for attempting to smuggle goods into the country.

Step 4

Pay customs duty for importing goods to Russia. It is calculated individually for each type of goods. Some types of products will also be subject to an additional tax - excise. These products include alcohol, cars and motorcycles, cigarettes and cigars, gasoline and diesel. After paying excise taxes, you will need to stick stamps on alcoholic beverages.

Step 5

When passing through customs, receive your copy of the declaration with a mark on the payment of money. This document will confirm the legitimacy of the location of the cargo on the territory of Russia.

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