How To Join The UN

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How To Join The UN
How To Join The UN

Video: How To Join The UN

Video: How To Join The UN
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The UN (United Nations) is a union of states that have committed themselves to develop international cooperation and resolve controversial issues peacefully. In 1920, with a similar goal, the countries united in the League of Nations. Formally, this association existed until 1946, but actually lost its meaning after the outbreak of World War II.

How to join the UN
How to join the UN


Step 1

The main document that defines the activities of the UN is its Charter. It sets out the obligations of the member countries of the organization. If a new state wishes to join the union, it thereby accepts these obligations. In turn, the organization collectively decides whether the applicant is able to comply with the Charter.

Step 2

The head of the Secretariat and the leader of the United Nations is the Secretary General, who is elected for a 5-year term by voting. It is to him that the applicant state sends an application for admission and a letter in which it officially declares its readiness to accept the obligations set out in the Charter.

Step 3

This statement is considered by the UN Security Council. The Security Council is the main body responsible for maintaining peace. It introduces international sanctions against violating countries, decides on the conduct of military operations and the participation of UN forces in armed conflicts.

Step 4

The Security Council consists of 5 permanent members (RF, USA, Great Britain, France and China) and 10 temporary members, elected for 2 years. The application for admission must be approved by 3/5 of the number of members of the Council. A prerequisite is the consent of all permanent members of the Security Council.

Step 5

If the Council takes a positive decision, it is submitted for discussion by the General Assembly. The UNGA is its main representative, advisory and decision-making body. 2/3 of the Assembly participants must vote to accept the applicant. The country is considered a member of the UN after the adoption of the resolution on admission

Step 6

If the Security Council considers it necessary to take coercive or preventive measures against any state, it can ask the General Assembly to temporarily deprive the violator of the rights and privileges of a UN member. The Security Council also has the power to restore these rights. A state that systematically violates the Charter of the organization may be expelled from the UN on the recommendation of the Security Council by its General Assembly.

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