Gypsy Magic - What Is It?

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Gypsy Magic - What Is It?
Gypsy Magic - What Is It?

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Gypsies are the most ancient people, the culture of which has survived to the present day. Gypsy magic is one of the strongest in the whole world. And all because gypsies wander around the world and absorb the esoteric secrets and secrets of certain cultures.

Gypsies are one of the most mystical peoples in the whole world
Gypsies are one of the most mystical peoples in the whole world

Gypsy magic - what is it?

This is the most ordinary magic, of which there are many, only now its power and strength sometimes surpasses some others. The power of gypsy magic is so great that it is sometimes compared to the power of voodoo magic. Traditions, stories and legends tell of gypsy curses as cruel and unprecedented, and gypsy healings as a real miracle of the Lord! Unfortunately, the healing properties of their magic are rarely used by the gypsies.

Gypsy magic is really quite powerful. Gypsies, constantly wandering around the world, bit by bit absorb the esoteric secrets of world cultures, bringing an additional contribution to their witchcraft. Gypsy magic, perhaps, is the only one of its kind that has managed to summarize many esoteric secrets and secrets, as well as weave them together.

It is curious that the gypsy people in their entire mystical history managed to connect the knowledge and skills gained with the subtlest intuitive sense of psychology, as well as to attach to their knowledge the skillful use of hypnosis. It is not for nothing that they say that gypsies absorb witchcraft knowledge and skills with their mother's milk.

What is gypsy magic like?

She's strong. According to astrologers and esotericists, gypsy magic is mostly dark magic, it includes damage, curses, and evil eyes. Moreover, the magnitude of the consequences of such witchcraft is unpredictable. Probably, many people know that gypsies use their magic in order to earn themselves "for a piece of bread." But here, too, the gypsy people are divided into those who only guess (for example, by hand), those who agree to perform a love spell, and those who, for a substantial fee, inflict terrible damage on people.

The most important gypsy charms are those that are somehow associated with hypnosis. If the gypsy has managed to hypnotically "cling" to her "victim", then she will not let her go until she gets everything she needs. To prevent this from happening, you need to competently dodge such an impact. The simplest example: a gypsy turned to a passerby asking for alms. If you cannot pass by in silence, then you need to politely refuse her and speed up your step. Sometimes Roma begin to pursue their potential "victims", showering them with compliments. No need to turn around and look into your eyes!

Also, gypsies should not be allowed to touch their hand, since even the smallest physical contact can lead to hypnosis. We need to quickly hide from their field of vision. Since gypsy magic is not a joke, you should not insult these people, you should not be rude to them, and even more so try to beat them. If the gypsies are offended, the consequences of such an offense will be unpredictable: it will not cost them anything to throw after their offender this or that curse, which has enormous power! Particularly vindictive gypsies can damage their offenders.

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