What Is A Voltage Regulator

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What Is A Voltage Regulator
What Is A Voltage Regulator
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The quality of electrical energy supplied to household networks rarely meets the requirements of the standards. This can cause voltage fluctuations and numerous disturbances that adversely affect the operation of electrical devices and can even lead to their failure. Voltage stabilizers help to solve this problem.

What is a voltage regulator
What is a voltage regulator


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Electrical appliances are in most cases very sensitive to network parameters and power quality. If the voltage does not meet the standards, then computers, televisions, audio equipment and household appliances may well be at risk of damage. A strong voltage surge can lead to a malfunction in the devices, which will be difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate.

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To prevent such troubles, voltage stabilizers are widely used in everyday life. These devices allow you to maintain high-quality and stable current parameters in the home electrical network. Using the stabilizer, you can be sure of the safety of your vehicle. Now a reliable assistant will monitor the maintenance of the significant characteristics of the network, which will save your nerves and money.

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Voltage stabilizers work in automatic mode. Their task is to maintain a stable value of the parameters of the electric current at the inputs of consumers of electrical energy. At the same time, protective devices must be resistant to overloads and significant voltage fluctuations in the network. If the voltage surge goes over the critical mark, the stabilizer will automatically turn off the household appliance under its protection, protecting it from damage.

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In everyday life, both stabilizers that protect individual devices and those that take the entire home network under their protection are used. These devices can be of different sizes, appearance and performance. When choosing a stabilizer, it is necessary to take into account the type of equipment that needs protection against voltage surges, in particular, the power consumed by the devices.

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Not so long ago, stabilizers operating on the principle of ferroresonance were widely used. Now you can find them quite rarely, since they have a rather low efficiency and a high noise level. In addition, ferroresonant voltage stabilizers do not withstand strong overloads.

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Stabilizers operating on the principle of magnetic amplification function perfectly in low and high temperatures, although in general they have limited application, since they can somewhat distort the signal shape. Another undesirable property of such stabilizers is their considerable mass.

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The most widely used in everyday life are electromechanical stabilizers equipped with a servo drive controlled by electronic circuits. These protective devices provide good accuracy of the output voltage, handle well overloads and are immune to interference over a wide range of network parameters.

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