The Best Rock Slowers

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The Best Rock Slowers
The Best Rock Slowers

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Rock-slow dances are also appropriate at a party, when fast dances are replaced by more romantic slow ones, and just in the mood on a rainy day. It can be good to just sit under them and reflect on your life. Spectacular dance numbers for a girl can be performed to these songs. What are the best rock ballads in history?

The best rock slowers
The best rock slowers

Rock ballad, or rock slow, is a special style of music. You can dance to such songs, just sit and feel sad, remembering something of your own. In many films, explicit scenes are accompanied by a rock ballad playing off-screen. Strong-minded people like to listen to this music in those moments when they are sad.

The best rock slows according to the fans

One of the most famous rock ballads of the eighties of the last century is "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. It's a sad song about how love hurts but doesn't make it any less beautiful.

The real gem of the soundtrack to the cult movie Pulp Fiction is "Girl you'll be a woman soon" by Urge Overkill. This is the very thing that Uma Thurman's heroine performs an unbridled dance to in anticipation of the character of John Travolta. A stunningly beautiful and touching song.

The most popular song from the Smokie group is the famous rock ballad “What can I do”. The hooligan manner of performance of the great Chris Norman only emphasizes the confusion that the hero of this song feels, not knowing where to go and how to live.

One of the few compositions of the famous "Liverpool four" that could be attributed to the genre of "slow rock" is "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Many cover versions were recorded on this composition, but none of them managed to surpass the original.

Critics' Best Rock Ballads

One of the great rock ballads that Limp Bizkit released a very successful cover a few years ago is "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who. The most beautiful melody combined with the piercing words of the lyrics made millions of people fall in love with this masterpiece.

The cult song "The house of the rising sun" was first performed by the Animals group several decades ago, but to this day this composition remains the standard of a slow rock song.

Dark sexuality - this is how you can characterize the atmosphere that is created when listening to the ballad "Don`t cry" by the Guns`N`Roses group. Perhaps that is why this composition is so loved by the fair sex, who prefer rock music.

The piercing ballad "Always" simply breaks the heart of everyone who has truly loved at least once. The gentle melody combined with the expressive intonations of Jon Bon Jovi is hardly able to leave at least someone indifferent to what they hear. He promises to always love the one who left him, and it is impossible to doubt the sincerity of the hero of this song.

Finally, the cult "Stairway to heaven" by the greats of Led Zeppelin is considered to this day the composition in which the best guitar solo in the history of rock music was played. The melody, gentle and smooth at first, then becomes louder and more expressive, and by the end of the composition leaves the listener completely empty. This is a real masterpiece, proven for decades.

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