How To Describe Your Appearance

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How To Describe Your Appearance
How To Describe Your Appearance

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On the Internet, we constantly meet new people, sometimes we arrange meetings with online friends. For full communication, I want to know what the interlocutor looks like. But if there is no opportunity to send a photo, only imagination and a competent description of your appearance will save you.

How to describe your appearance
How to describe your appearance


Step 1

Be honest about yourself. It is much easier to ascribe a lot of advantages to yourself than to actually possess them. You may call yourself thin in the hope that by the time you meet, you will lose those extra pounds, but who knows what can happen and when your meeting will take place. And even more so, do not imagine yourself in the description in such a way that you will never be able to become - tall with low stature, or a burning brunette, although you have light blond hair.

Step 2

Try to combine artistry and simplicity in the description. The form of the questionnaire (eyes: blue, height: medium) will look too dry, but excessively emotional characteristics will be inappropriate.

Step 3

Tell us about yourself in general. What is your height? If you consider yourself low, it is better to say “not very high”, rather than indicate a specific figure. For tall girls, it is better to honestly indicate the data - if you communicate with a guy who is much shorter than you, he will feel very uncomfortable when you meet. Name your physique - whether you are thin or overweight. You can indicate how athletic you are.

Step 4

Describe your eye color, hair color and length. If you have an exotic hairstyle, tell us about it. Dedicate the other person to having a tattoo or piercing, if any. Tell us about any characteristic features - an interesting mole or a small scar.

Step 5

Try to describe your style of clothing. What colors do you wear more often, what styles do you prefer. What is more typical for you - casual clothes, or business, office suits. If you are making an appointment, describe in as much detail as possible what you will be wearing.

Step 6

If you are chatting of a friendly or romantic nature, you can add some original details. For example, that you have long fingers, thanks to which you play the piano perfectly. Or that all your friends notice your resemblance to a certain celebrity.

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