How To Determine The Freshness Of Roses

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How To Determine The Freshness Of Roses
How To Determine The Freshness Of Roses

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It happens that even the most beautiful and expensive roses wither literally in an hour or two after purchase. If you want flowers to delight you with their freshness, beauty and aroma for more than one day, then learn how to choose them correctly.

How to determine the freshness of roses
How to determine the freshness of roses


Step 1

You can determine the freshness of a rose by the bud, squeezing it slightly above the base. The density and elasticity of the bud speaks of the freshness of the flower, and the softness and airiness - of old age. If the edges of the leaves are wrapped and darkened, then the rose has been cut for a long time.

Step 2

Note the small leaves under the bud (sepals). If they are lowered down, then they have repeatedly tried to refresh the rose by pulling out old petals. The place where the bud is attached to the stem should be very tight.

Step 3

Look at the stem and leaves. They should be bright green with no dark blotches or damage. Dropped, lifeless, dry leaves give out a stale flower. Do not take a rose with torn leaves on its stem.

Step 4

Look into the container where the flowers are. Dark water with leaves floating in it suggests that roses have been standing for more than a day.

Step 5

Take a rose, turn it over and shake it a little. Old petals will not stand the test and will fall off. If you see small bugs that have fallen out of the bud, the rose is infected with harmful insects. It is better to do this manipulation with a flower on a sheet of white paper, but since this is almost impossible in a store, a glass showcase is quite suitable.

Step 6

Flower vendors use many tricks to keep roses fresh and presentable. Do not buy flowers whose buds are tied with an elastic band. And give preference to flowers that have not yet been collected in bouquets.

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