How To Switch From One Operator To Another

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How To Switch From One Operator To Another
How To Switch From One Operator To Another

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The choice of a mobile operator is voluntary. At any time, you can refuse the services of one company and conclude an agreement with another. What needs to be done to make this transition?

How to switch from one operator to another
How to switch from one operator to another


Step 1

Select the operator you want to connect to. To do this, it is enough to go through the cost list of services offered by other companies, determine the most priority areas for yourself, calculate the benefits of using certain tariffs and, based on the data received, make a choice. This approach will prevent the emergence of uncertainty and clarification of the relationship with the service provider. Why is it better to connect a new SIM card and so it is clear: the possibility of being left without connection is excluded.

Step 2

Sign a service agreement. There are many possibilities of how and where to do this, but it is advisable to opt for a customer service center of a mobile operator or a well-known mobile phone store (Euroset, Svyaznoy, Eolis, etc.).

Buying a SIM card at subway crossings, at the counters of shopping centers and other unsuitable places for this can be a dangerous undertaking. The fact is that, according to the law, a contract for the provision of communication services must be concluded upon presentation of the original passport. But far from people do not carry it with them, and many employees, in order not to miss another client, turn a blind eye to the absence of a document, because it is enough to enter only the data. In the event that it is not possible to obtain this information, then careless employees register a SIM card for another person. And the further development of the situation is of little interest to anyone, because there are no cameras, no recording is being made, it is possible to establish the fact of forgery of a document only during the prosecutor's check and court proceedings. Do you need such a headache?

Step 3

Terminate the contract with the mobile operator whose services you want to refuse. To do this for sure, you need to write an application for refusal of service at the service center. Theoretically, you can not take any action and leave the SIM card for yourself, only in this case you need to make sure that:

• All services with periodic payment are disabled, because money can be withdrawn regardless of the fact of their use;

• The account balance is positive; such a SIM card cannot be blocked by a cellular operator.

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