Who Is Called To Carry Out Social Protection Activities

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Who Is Called To Carry Out Social Protection Activities
Who Is Called To Carry Out Social Protection Activities

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The function of protecting the needy segments of the population is usually performed by the state itself, especially if it is legal. There are also various private non-profit organizations and foundations that help him in this matter.

Social protection of the population by the state
Social protection of the population by the state

State activities for social protection

Most modern states carry out the function of protecting the poor and those in need of support. In Russian society, people with disabilities, pensioners, mothers with many children, young families, etc. need protection. The authorized state bodies issue laws designed to implement state programs for solving social problems.

Special executive bodies of the state work with the population in this direction, designed to provide assistance to people who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. This is the OSZN and otherwise the bodies of social protection of the population. They act on the basis of the law in various directions. If you fall into the category of the poor, the department of social protection of the population issues subsidies for payment of housing and communal services. Also, social workers of the AHPS bodies provide assistance to lonely and sick old people. Work is also underway to arrange for orphans and children who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to the fault of careless and irresponsible parents.

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation can also be attributed to the bodies implementing the state function of social protection of the population, since it is entrusted with the authority to pay all types of pensions: for old age, for the loss of a breadwinner, for disability.

The fight against unemployment is carried out by state labor exchanges, working on the employment of unemployed people. Also, the labor exchange makes monthly fixed payments to the unemployed in accordance with the procedure established by law.

In order to strengthen the institution of the family and improve the demographic situation in the country, the state is also working to support young families, motherhood, and childhood. At the birth of a child, all parents are paid a lump sum, monthly maintenance until the child reaches one and a half years of age (from 2015 - until the child reaches three years of age), etc. Since 2007, at the birth of a second and subsequent child, maternity capital has been issued once for improving housing conditions, retirement maintenance of the mother or education of children. The state is also taking other measures in this direction.

Charitable foundations

Provide all possible assistance to people in need and various charitable foundations. Their activities are based on the purposeful collection of funds, medicines, clothes, toys at special reception points and sending them to various shelters, nursing homes, etc. Such foundations often hold various holidays and concerts, at which funds are collected for charitable purposes.

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